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Crab Mentality: The Best Way To Reheat Crab
Mar 28

Crab Mentality: The Best Way To Reheat Crab

By Rose | Storing Tips

Crab is an ingredient that I just can’t get enough of. The sweet and juicy white meat sends my tastebuds into a frenzy. So when I create a set menu for a dinner party, I almost certainly include crab in it. The appetizers could be crab risotto or the main course crab ravioli. And don’t get me started on how many crab cakes I have made during my life. I even once tried to make bread pudding with crab (which I have to admit got very mixed reviews from my family). Whatever the occasion or the reason, it is certainly great to cook with crab.

One problem I have is that I tend to buy a bit more crab than I can chew (pun intended). So whenever I make a crab dish, there’s a big chance my freezer will be full of the fantastic crustaceans the following day. And while that may seem to be a fun problem to have, the hard truth is that reheating crab is not an easy task (and it can also fill up precious fridge space quickly). Unlike meat and poultry, crab has a much more delicate texture, so if you don’t reheat it the right way, your dinner will be spoiled.

Luckily for you, I have been reheating crab for a very long time now, and have had my fair share of reheating disasters. However, through a combination of research and a little experimentation in my kitchen, I have finally found the most effective methods to reheat crab. There are three ways you can do this, and I will later tell you which one of these methods is best at retaining the crab’s texture and flavor.

However, before we proceed any further, always remember that you should store your cooked crab the right way. I will be giving you a guide near the end of the article that will help you to store crab in your fridge. Be sure to check this out because it is just as important to store crab correctly as it is to reheat it properly (or even more so).

So here we go. Let’s take a scrumptious and rewarding journey that will reveal the best ways to reheat crab. Enjoy!

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Let’s Get Frank! How To Cook Goetta The Right Way
Mar 26

Let’s Get Frank! How To Cook Goetta The Right Way

By Rose | Main Dish

A few months ago a friend of mine asked me if I’d ever had a plate of Goetta. I replied with a quizzical look that prompted her to explain what she was talking about. Apparently, Goetta is a meat and grain mush dish that is well-loved in the Cincinnati area. I have to admit this got me excited because I love finding out about new recipes and always want to know more.

The first thing I seek to find out is what the dish looks like, how it is presented and the different takes that chefs have on it. Then I look at the origins of the dish to see if there are any interesting stories surrounding it (like potato chips and the sandwich) and how that dish has evolved over the years. Lastly, I check how that dish is made and try to recreate it in my very own kitchen.

The Goetta is a fascinating dish to make. I think of it as more of a breakfast dish that you serve with some sour cream flapjacks and creamy scrambled eggs. It is a unique and exciting dish to make, and that’s why I decided to teach you how to make it today. But firstly, let me give you a description and short history of our dish of the day – the humble yet amazing Goetta patties.

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The Best Offset Smoker Reviews: A Complete Rundown
Mar 24

The Best Offset Smoker Reviews Of 2018: A Complete Rundown

By Rose | Grills & Smokers

Are you on the hunt for the best offset smoker? If so, then this guide is perfect for you!

Trust me, I was in the same predicament two years ago. Most of my friends like barbecues and tailgate parties, and I always join their gatherings because it is fun. But when it was my turn to host a weekend barbecue party, I didn’t have a food smoker!

I was about to get an electric one when my uncle, who was a pitmaster, advised me to get an offset smoker instead. According to him, they are great for homemade barbecues. “An electric smoker is good”, he said, “but an offset smoker works like magic”. And you know what, he was so right!

If you are you interested in experiencing the same magic, then it’s the time to consider investing in an offset. I can guarantee that you will never regret having this tool in your yard. To help you, I have listed some of the finest offset smokers you can find today. Check them out below!

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Piece Of Cake: How To Best Soften Fondant
Mar 22

Piece Of Cake: How To Best Soften Fondant

By Rose | Baking

We have all seen those divine looking wedding cakes that tower over the entire reception and look like they have been sculpted by the renaissance masters. The magnificent beads around the layers, the immaculate white sheet that blankets a juicy moist vanilla cake, and those realistic sugary flowers are typically made with one ingredient: fantastic and versatile fondant icing!

Last year, I made my nephew’s birthday cake and made sure it was extra special because it was his eighth birthday. I knew that he really loved to play with his Nintendo games and liked to dress up as Super Mario or Bowser during Halloween, so I decided to make him a Mario Land cake for his special day. This was a particularly difficult task as I had minimal experience of making decorative cakes (I used to make custom-themed cupcakes a few years back). You see, I have baked a lot of cakes in my lifetime, but making fondant is not my strongest point.

Therefore, I did what any responsible chef/baker in my situation would do, I planned ahead so I wouldn’t be pressed for time before my nephew’s birthday. My sister-in-law had got him pretty excited about his cake, so there was no way I was going to let him down. Therefore, I decided to make the fondant a day in advance. Rolling up my sleeves, I got to work. After a few hours, I finally had a good chunk of white fondant, which I then wrapped in cling-wrap and placed in the refrigerator. After patting myself on the back, I went to get some much-needed sleep, confident that baking the cake would be a breeze now that the fondant had already been done.

But when I started baking the cake the next morning, I found out to my horror the icing was almost rock hard. I left it for a few minutes and tried to roll it, but to no avail. I quickly realized that I might need to consult the ever trusty internet to find out what I could do, and found a couple of techniques. After trying out some of them, I finally succeeded in making the hard fondant nice and soft like clay. In the end, I was able to avoid disaster and create a cake that was a big hit at my nephew’s party.

So today, I would like to share with you what I did to make that fondant soft, as well as some other techniques that you could try out for yourself.

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Kingly Tip: How To Store Royal Icing The Right Way
Mar 20

Kingly Tip: How To Store Royal Icing The Right Way

By Rose | Storing Tips

Who likes those sugary little cookies with sweet hard frosting on them? If you do, then you’re clearly a big fan of royal icing.

If you are wondering what else royal icing is used for, then just look around your local bakery and you will find out that it’s just about everywhere, including the figures and flowers on cakes, those magnificent gingerbread houses, and the intricate patterns that bakers draw on wedding cakes.

Royal icing is one of the ingredients that I find difficult, so I make sure I make a lot when I am presented with a recipe for it. This means I always have too much left over. That is why I needed to learn how to store royal icing properly, so that I wouldn’t have to waste anything.

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