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The Best Cheese Knife That Can Make The Perfect Slice!
Mar 18

The Best Cheese Knife That Can Make The Perfect Slice!

By Rose | Cutlery & Knife Accessories

Have you ever tried cutting different types of cheese? If so, then you will be aware of how difficult this task is. In fact, there’s a good chance that you are here because you are looking for the best cheese knife.

I know that some of you are not convinced about the importance of a cheese knife, and argue that an ordinary kitchen knife is good enough. To a degree, I agree with you. After all, if I have a sharp and ergonomic kitchen knife, why would I even need a cheese knife? Right?

I used to believe that myself until I once prepared Brie cheese. I thought I could complete the job efficiently and quickly, but was completely wrong. The cheese was so soft, it prevented me from making straight, clean cuts. So I got frustrated and almost threw the Brie out. I then realized that my trusted kitchen knife was not really up to the job.

A cheese knife is a handy tool in the kitchen. You may not use it always, but when you do, you can create a lot of magic! If you want to know more about these specialized cutlery tools, then check out the whole of this cheese knife guide. You will discover a lot of interesting things here!

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Totally Grainy: How To Cook Parboiled Rice In Easy Steps
Mar 16

Totally Grainy: How To Cook Parboiled Rice In Easy Steps

By Rose | Main Dish

Rice is something of a kitchen staple for me. My pantry is never without a bag of white rice (I really love the Basmati variety) or a small bag of brown rice (when I want to eat a little healthier). Since I just love cooking Asian food, it has become a necessary part of my kitchen. I mean, I can’t go a full week without making some delicious Chinese fried rice. Just thinking about a big bowl of spicy chicken biryani rice makes me want to immediately stop typing and just make one in the kitchen.

There are so many types of rice varieties around the world, cooked by people who can’t get enough of it, ranging from the Italians that love using Arborio rice grains for their risottos to Asians, who prefer long grain Jasmine rice. It is a very important part of the world’s culinary heritage, and with all these many different varieties, it is understandable that some of you are a little confused about them all.

One rice variety that has always had many people scratching their heads over is parboiled rice. While this looks a bit like any variety of rice, it has some key differences that you should definitely know about. And before we learn about the various ways to cook parboiled rice, let me first explain what this nutritious rice is.

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How To Choose The Best Cheese Slicer: Reviews And Buying Guide
Mar 14

The Best Cheese Slicer Of 2018: Review And Buying Guide

By Rose | Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

Sometimes, a kitchen knife is not able to help you to make the perfect slices that are required when you’re cutting particular ingredients, such as cheese. Therefore, dealing with this semi-delicate foodstuff is quite difficult if you don’t have the best cheese slicer with you.

There is a good chance that not all of us have this tool in our kitchen. Even I did not get this cutting appliance immediately, despite hearing about it. Fortunately, I bought myself this tool during a Black Friday sale, and my gosh, it’s indeed changed a lot of things!

There’s a wide variety of cheese slicer to choose from. We have German cheese slicers and heavy-duty cheese cutters, as well as simple slicers that are both affordable and ergonomic at the same time. The most important thing here is to ensure that you’ve got a reliable slicer to cut your favorite cheese the way that you want it.

In this guide, I have listed a couple of cheese slicers that have notable qualities and features. The ones that I got here have a reliable design because they are made by reputable cutlery and kitchen tool manufacturers. It is best to get to know all of them to see which one captures your interest.

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Something Fishy: How To Make Subway Tuna In Your Kitchen
Mar 12

Something Fishy: How To Make Subway Tuna In Your Kitchen

By Rose | Main Dish

What do you eat when you are hungry but don’t have the time to cook? A lot of standard answers to this eternal question range from fast food burgers to a quick stop at a Mexican place. Some of my friends dial up for a large box of pizza or a Chinese takeout. While I also enjoy those dishes, I prefer to make a quick stop at my local Subway sandwich store and get myself a delicious Tuna Melt sandwich.

Along with a steaming mug of coffee or tea, this delicious sandwich really shines. Plus, at under 500 calories, it won’t pack on any unwanted pounds, especially important if you’re on a diet. This is a far cry from the cheese laden, calorie-packed bombshells at other sandwich shops. The tasty, tangy tuna spread and crispy veggies make this a great meal to eat on the go. While a lot of my friends prefer the roast beef variety or cheesy chicken sub, I just love the taste of tuna on my bread.

Lately, I have been dabbling with the idea of replicating this famous tuna spread at home, as it is something I could keep in my refrigerator whenever I felt like a sandwich. This is particularly useful on rainy days or when I don’t feel like getting out of bed. After all, just because it’s a lazy day does not mean you have to eat unhealthy junk food. You can have a delicious, stress-free meal in minutes if you prepare the ingredients in advance.

After a bit of experimentation in the kitchen, I have finally created an amazing version that I can easily scoop up out of my Mason jar and place in between two heavenly slices of white bread. Don’t forget to add some freshly sliced onions, lettuce and tomatoes to perfect your Subway experience.

So, for all those Subway tuna lovers out there, I will now show you how to make this delicious sandwich in your very own kitchen.

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Cluck This: The Best Chicken Base Substitute Out There
Mar 10

Cluck This: The Best Chicken Base Substitute Out There

By Rose | Meat

Chicken stock is one of the first things that you learn about when you start culinary school. And rightfully so, as there are a lot of recipes that call for chicken stock. In fact, it is a valued ingredient all around the world. Singapore has chicken rice, America has chicken noodle soup, the Japanese use chicken stock when making ramen, and the Italians use chicken stock in their fabulous risottos.

I have noticed that a lot of people make the mistake of using the term chicken base when they are referring to chicken stock. Even many of my foodie friends do this and confuse chicken stock with chicken base. While it is easy to confuse the two, there are some key differences between the two of them, and if you add the humble chicken bouillon into the equation, there is even more confusion. If you are one of those people, I am going to help you by telling you what separates the three ingredients.

Chicken stock is created by using whole chickens, water, some salt, ground black pepper, garlic, and vegetables, like carrots, onions, and celery. The concoction is then boiled and simmered in a stockpot for hours until you get a clear chicken broth soup. (A lot of skimming is involved during this process.) Chicken base undergoes the same process but it’s cooked for longer. The broth is then slowly simmered into a highly concentrated chicken stock. Chicken base can also be bought in stores in a highly concentrated powder form. Typically, the chicken base is darker and thicker than regular chicken stock, while chicken bouillons is bought in cubes that dissolve in boiling water.

As chicken stock is much lighter than chicken base, it is preferred in dishes like chicken noodle soups, risottos, and chowders. While the thicker and richer consistency and taste of the chicken base makes it a perfect to include in stews and sauces.

Personally, I prefer making chicken base, as opposed to chicken stock, because of its rich flavor. I absolutely love making ramen at home, so it is imperative that I know a thing or two about making a great chicken base. I have done this over a hundred times as an ingredient for my chicken rice, chicken and fisherman stew, crab chowder, and even Indian curries.

However, making chicken base will take you hours and hours, so it’s not suitable if you need it for a quick recipe. I have scoured the internet for other ingredients that can be used as a substitute for chicken base and listed them below for you.

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