What are the best apples for juicing?

Juicing Craze: What Is The Best Apple For It?

When you are crazy of apple and your favorite drink is juice, how would you know what to pick? Amongst the so many kinds of apple, let us learn what is the best one to quench your thirst, or can we just choose your favorite one first?


What Are The Benefits Of Apples?

What are the benefits of apples?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  An apple has lots of health benefits. Making it as one of your daily diet plans can give you these:

  • Good source of fiber.
  • Vitamin C that boosts immune system and fight infections.
  • Antioxidants that prevents cancer.
  • Absorbs bad cholesterol.
  • Vitamin A for good eyesight, bone development and smooth skin.
  • It helps rise platelet count, so for Dengue patients, apple juice is one of their supplement.

Yeah, apple juice! There are lots of apple juice that are available in the market. If you want convenience, go to the nearest supermarket and pick one, or you can just make one yourself! Which is which? It is totally up to you guys, but if you want it to be fresh and natural, let us do it the exciting way. Let us start juicing!

What are the benefits of apples?

Before we start juicing, let us find out what amongst those apples are best for it. Apples give juice perfect and can go well with other ingredients you like to blend with. However, in choosing, you need to know why you want apple juice. Whatever your reason, well, of the so many apples in the world, for sure they can be of use.

Which Apples Best for Juicing?

All apples (7500 kinds worldwide) are not the same in texture, color, the amount of flesh and juice and taste. So when juicing, it is critical to choose the right kind.

1. Granny Smiths: Good For A Sweet-tart Taste!

Best Apples for Juicing - Granny Smith

If you are craving for apple juice because of its taste, Granny Smiths is the right choice. It gives you a sweet-tart apple flavor that is just right. Other apple kind will give you overly sweet blend.

It is also one who have the highest content of Potassium among all.

2. Golden Delicious: For Juice Lovers Who Want To Lose Those Extra Pounds!

Best Apples for Juicing - Gold Delicious

Having very low content of calories and less sugary taste compared to other apples, Golden Delicious Apples is the best.

3. Bramley’s Seedling: Juicing For Good Health?

Best Apples for Juicing - Bramley’s Seedling

Apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals but Bramley’s Seedling is one who has the highest content of Vitamin C. If you are looking into boosting your immune system, this is for you.

4. Fuji Apples: For Energy Fanatics Who Want A Quick Boost!

Best Apples for Juicing - Fuji Apples

Easy to juice, you can quickly juice a number for instant increase of energy. Fresh juice is good to take for those who are into marathons or for just giving life to a boring day.

It is best for natural sugar and carbohydrates.

5. Gala Apples: Best Apple Juice For Kids?

Best Apples for Juicing - Gala Apples

It is very common anywhere so not hard to find. It has this deliciously sweet taste that your kids will definitely like.

Mostly grown in New Zealand, like other kind of apples, it is highly nutritious.

Above apples are included in the best apples for juicing but where categorized upon your need. Which of the five are you? You could always choose all you know.

They are all available in your favorite supermarkets. If you just want to make apple juice without thinking of any category, below are the list of apples that gives you best juices:

  • Ashmead’s Kernel.
  • Bramley's Seedling.
  • Granny Smith.
  • Golden Delicious.
  • Fuji.
  • Gala.
  • Red Delicious.
  • Jonagold.
  • McIntosh.
  • Honeycrisp.


  • Buy organic apples, they are best and safest for juice, whenever possible.
  • Use the most reliable juicing machine. The amount of juice you get from an apple greatly depend on it. A good machine will extract the juice well and will prevent wastage.
  • Apples are naturally sweet, so there is no need to add sweetener when juicing, but they have different level of sweetness so you may like to combine certain types to get the kind of sweetness you desire.
  • Among the apples in store, choose those that are fully ripe. Fully ripe apples can give you the highest amount of juice. It should be firm and crunchy. More or less, 2-3 kilograms of apples makes 1 liter of juice (whaaat?).
  • Important: When juicing, be sure to get the pip out of it first. It has the poison cyanide and will make your juice taste awful.

​How To Juice An Apple?

Since we are learning about the apples that are best for juicing. Let us know as well how to juice them.

​How To Juice An Apple?

As I found out there are two methods of juicing. 

  • The easy method is to use the juicing machine. All you need to do is clean, cut and put it in the juicer. Let it work, and you have your instant juice! Here is a video that you can watch:
  • However, for those who do not have juicers at home but have blenders, you are lucky. Juicing apples with blenders are completely possible. Here is a video on how to do it:
  • Still, if you do not have a juice nor a blender, why not do it without? Let us find out how to juice it manually:

What you need to do:

  1. Prepare your batch of apple (2-3 kilos for a start).
  2. Wash your apples. Wash carefully and cut out the part with blemish and worms.
  3. No need to peel if organic, but if not, peel and cut it into quarters before tossing it to a large crock.
  4. Add enough water and bring them to simmer.
  5. Continue cooking until it is supple.
  6. Line your colander with light fabric.
  7. Pour the apples into the colander.
  8. Press the apples to extract the juice from it (anything you think is comfy to use in pressing) spoon may work fine.
  9. Let the juice drain for several hours (overnight is recommendable) in your fridge.
  10. Heat the extracted juice in a pot and let it simmer.
  11. Let it cool, put them into hot quart containers, seal and put in the boiling water bath canner in half an hour.
  12. Preserve it, either through freezing, canning or pasteurizing. Better yet, go ahead drink it.

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing?

What Are The Benefits Of Apple Juice?
  • If you have abundant supply of apples, juicing has a lot of benefits. It would take care of the excess apples by converting juice and preserve them.
  • Making use of low quality apples (so not to waste).
  • Healthy lifestyle - Juicing offers health benefits by absorbing nutrients that are found from fruits and veggies.
  • A better way of adding to your diet for those fruits and veggies you do not like to eat.

I guess we have covered all that we need to know and some bonus information about the best apple for juicing. Now you would know what to pick at the supermarket and the effective way to juice them. For you, what is considered your best choice? You are free to choose as you please. You do not have to settle for the same apple you have known since you were a kid.

Share this article with your friends so they will know the right apple for them. If you want to share more about what is on your mind, let us have it here. Waiting for your comments, guys!

Juicing Craze: What Is The Best Apple For It?
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