Best Commercial Espresso Machines, Highest On The Marks!

Best Commercial Espresso Machines, Highest On The Marks!

Congratulations for your new coffee shop! You have embraced the colorful and busy life of the coffee business. Nothing really compares to watching everyone comes in and out from your shop, sipping your freshly brewed espresso as if their time suddenly turns into slow motion. What a wonderful sight!

Surely you would never stop thinking of ways how to stay on the top, always to be best. Naturally, you need the best commercial espresso machines on hand. You still have time to choose among the best, before cutting the ribbon amigo!

Best Commercial Espresso Machines, Highest On The Marks!

Now, commercial espresso machines are not just for the business minded, but for all the coffee lovers out there who can’t resist the inviting aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, may it be at your favorite shop or in the comfort of your own cozy home.

Let us settle for the best, not only in quality but also for the price. Browse quickly on this best buy offers guide to know what is top in the market.

Shall we begin?


**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What Is An Espresso Machine And Why Want One?

You are crazy about espresso coffee and at some point, you want an unlimited supply of it within your reach, so buying a coffee machine is on your priority list. It is actually not just the coffee, but the savings you can get out from it, making your own, and no more trips to the shops!

What Is An Espresso Machine And Why Want One?

And how about you who is about to open a new coffee shop? The espresso machine is one of your top need to hit the market. Before you own one, let us fully understand what is an espresso machine and why would you want to buy one?

An espresso machine brews coffee that yields this thick and strong, heavenly aroma of espresso coffee. An Italian ingenuity, it only takes pressurized water and powder coffee to create one of the popular business and most loved coffee worldwide.

In case one day you want something different, espresso machine also has features that can give you a variety of coffee types like cappuccino and latte.

What Is An Espresso Machine And Why Want One?

You see, a single machine and multiple possibilities, whenever you want. You can proudly say, “Hey, I have an Espresso machine, what would you want me to make for you?”. Of course, there is no need for you to say it again, this time, everybody wanted to be the first to be served.

Not everyone can make espresso the same way, make your own and let all know it is yours! Who could resist a freshly brewed espresso anyway? So, you start those business calls right away!

I know right? You desperately want one!

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine?

Alright now you are certain you want one, but before you decide which to buy, you need to know first what to consider when buying a commercial espresso machine. Better safe than sorry guys, knowledge is power!

Consider your need and budget. Here are the important factors that you need to be critical about when buying an item, not just for an espresso machine but for almost everything.

Commercial espresso machines have different features. You must know your need to be able to identify which feature is suitable for you. Be sure, that it is easy for you to operate for every penny must be worth it. Of course, with the features, quality is always tagging along.

1. Machine Aesthetics

The appeal of the product usually falls in the art of how it has been created. You would probably imagine the place where you want to put it. Does it match the wall color? Would it be outstanding from all the appliances nearby? Will it look attractive from the customers’ view? Yet, do not stop from there…

The location of the spout must be in the right angle you want it to be. You picture yourself in full operation. Will you be comfortable in that kind of direction? Is the cord long enough to reach the outlet? Simple, but essential.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Machine Aesthetics

If all the factors related to this that you consider would make your daily routine using this machine is satisfied, then you can move on with the next.

2. Storage

Now you are have eyed a favorite among the few machines. Try to visualize the machine in your shop or home. Have you thought of the space you would need?

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Storage

The size of a commercial espresso machine varies. Usually it is big. Be concise in the measurement. Would it fit on your countertop? Is the storage location you prepared suitable for a machine that would be used very often or not? Is the storage set-up to be convenient for everyone to move around with comfort?

If your answer tends to be sufficient, let us move on.

3. Grinding, Is It Effective?

If you are looking into business you might as want to choose the kind that is built to serve a large demand from consumers. A machine that has a built-in grinder is more fit.

There are machines that has a container for ground coffee. You need to grind the beans somewhere else or buy an additional appliance for grinding.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Grinding

So you must know if you will put those ground bean yourself into the machine bin or does not need to anymore. If so, would it be complicated? Choose whatever you please, just keep in mind, an awesome machine would also have a grand price. Check your budget.

4. Less Cleaning

Cleaning consumes a lot of time, effort and of course money. However, proper and consistent cleaning would keep the machine in good condition.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Cleaning

For sanitary purposes, almost all of the machine parts needs to be tend to. Make sure that the type you want is easy to put together, that is, after taking it apart. Ask questions, be fond to details.

5. Capable For Frothing

Not all machines have this capability. Do you need one? If you are expecting a competitive business, it would be advisable. People likes varies so prepare to give them coffee variations.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Capable For Frothing

If your need is just the espresso coffee, choose the one without a frothier, it would cost less too.

6. Water Storage

Focus on your target demand. The bigger the demand, the more espresso you need to produce. Usually, water storage for a common espresso machine holds up to 8 cups.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine? - Water Storage

If you have determined the capacity you need, then consider checking. Does the machine have a small spout or big spout? See what suits you, it would be easy to put water into with a big spout. Do you need the kind who has its own water connector, with a large dispenser? Is your place ready to accommodate such a machine?

Our Top 5 Picks

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

5 Best Commercial Espresso Machines

1. Breville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine: Low Maintenance And Less Cleaning
Breville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine Review

Image from

How many times do you drink coffee in a day? You can drink as much and often as you can without worrying on the cleaning of the machine later on. With Breville Barista Express Espresso machine, you do not need to clean all the time!

It comes in with a removable drip tray and a hide-away storage compartment for cleaning tools. It has an auto reminder on when to clean so there is no way you will forget about it. Even the drip tray has an “empty me” indicator when it is full. You will never miss a thing.

The built in burr grinder is so efficient and it has hand-free grinding cradle. It is complete with size and amount selector dials too! So if you are a little bit adventurous, you can try out making coffee with various sizes and corresponding amount.

Although it is not made out of 100% stainless steel, for future baristas, considering that it has a reasonable price, this is a perfect must have.


  • Efficient grinder.
  • Amazing frothier.
  • With “Clean Me” light feature.
  • Cleaning cycle automation.
  • Durable pressure gauge.


  • Not 100% stainless steel.

2. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine: Durable And Reliable

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review

Image from

When your espresso machine would last longer than you expected, it is worth every penny you have spent. So if you are the type who wants to have a buddy that would serve you for a long time, Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is for you.

Made out of stainless steel and iron, no wonder this machine is durable not only in the outside but from the inside as well. Inside mechanical features are compactly built. It may be a traditional design but its feature is as impressive compared to others.

Non-automatic but is easy to use and recommendable for small coffee shops.

If you need to make a lot of coffee one time, this model takes a long time to boil and has a small water reservoir so it may not meet the capacity you need yet overall, the machine is worth keeping.


  • Efficient portafilter.
  • Omni-directional steam wand.
  • User friendly.
  • All-metal casing and frame.


  • Small reservoir, hard to access.
  • Boiler takes a long time to heat up.

3. De’Longhi EC702 Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Machine: Best Espresso With Minimum Budget

De’Longhi EC702 Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Review

Image from

What more could you ask for? Cheap, but yet the best coffee to taste. Creamy and rich taste, excellent latte! Affordable and delightful, De'Longhi EC702 Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Machine is perfect for tight budgets who deserve the best.

For a lower price, it has the features that you need for a heavenly espresso coffee and much, much, more! It has a bigger water tank and brews really fast so it can accommodate a lot of coffee in an instant for you to entertain a group of friends and feel like a pro.

Parts are easy to clean so when the party is over, no need to worry for heavy cleaning.

Top heater is slow to heat up but, a little waiting would not hurt that much, will it?


  • Easy to remove and clean water holder.
  • Can fit big mugs (non-standard cups).
  • Cheaper price.
  • 2 filter sizes for single and double shot.
  • Efficient warming tray.
  • Huge tank.


  • Top heater is slow to heat up.

4. Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL Espresso Machine: Best And Competitive Features

Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL Espresso Machine Review

Image from

Now with these great features who does not enjoy the espresso more? Its performance consistently exceeds your expectations. With its double boiler, you can pull shots and at the same time steam so fast, there is no idle time.

The huge water reservoir you can add water at the back or through the top. It is pretty convenient, you can serve hot coffee all night using its programmable shot volume and its brew temperature that you can adjust as you please. So when all the guests are gone, you are left a happy and proud host.

When it is cleaning time, you can go faster and comfy with its locking rolling wheel, moving it with ease for easy countertop and machine tidying.

For its price, cheap internal components are a little bit of an off and its large size needs bigger counter space but in the brighter side, it can fit a big mug for you to enjoy. Some might think it consumes much power but the feature gives you a “power save” mode to address. Nevertheless, it is all up to you folks!


  • User friendly.
  • Great features.
  • Large water tank.


  • Power hog.
  • Cheap components.

5. La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine: Best Quality Machine

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine Review

Image from

Look at that solid brass beauty! The lever model delivers 16 cups of espresso boiler in no time. It is easy to use and consistent in giving you perfect shots of espresso comparable to other semi-automatic machines out there.

Cleaning is easy for this classic model and it has a lot of spare parts available in the market.

A little waiting though since it would take 7-10 minutes to warm water but as soon as it is heated up it gives you endless amount of steam!


  • Easy to clean.
  • A lot of parts available for replacement.
  • Cost effective.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to use.


  • Plastic tamper.
  • Slow to heat water.

All the above are the best commercial espresso machines available in the market that you need to check out before buying. Yet, if you need the type of espresso machines that would hit your budget with just $200 or below, you can refer to this guide too:

Now, when buying, all it got to take are effort, patience and a lot of time. A quick browse in the net can give you a lot of help and it is very convenient. At the end, you would find out that it was all worth it. Always settle for the best!

Making great expresso does not depend only on the machine but to the skill of the coffee lover in creating one. After all, you need not be an Italian to enjoy freshly brewed espresso, am I not right?

Best Commercial Espresso Machines, Highest On The Marks!
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