8 Best Oranges For Juicing To Boost Your Immune System!

8 Best Oranges For Juicing To Boost Your Immune System!

Comparing to other fruits for juicing, oranges are cheap and available all throughout the year. In fact, it is considered to be one amongst all fruits that are best for juicing. Juicing is the easiest way to enjoy the fruit and at the same time absorbing the nutritional benefits without eating it.

8 Best Oranges For Juicing

Do you know that we can classify oranges into different categories? Yes, not all oranges are good for juicing. There are oranges that are best for cooking, snacks, and oranges best for juicing.

It is obvious that aside from the snacks and cooking category, juicing is the next biggest consumption of oranges. Every day, no matter what the age will be, people drink orange juice.

Today, we will give emphasis for the kind that is best for juicing.


The 8 Oranges That Are Best For Juicing

1. Navel Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing: Navel Oranges

Very common in the market, you can easily spot this type. Taken from its name, you will notice that there is a navel like an appearance at the bottom. When you open it up, there is another small orange inside the big orange.

This type is large, seedless, sweet and cheap. On top of it all, it is available whole year and is good for juicing, cooking and snacks. Needless to say, it is labeled as the sweetest orange of all.

2. Valencia Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing: Valencia Oranges

If we are looking for oranges that are best for commercial purposes, it should be the Valencia. Named after a place in Spain, some eat this orange for snacks but it is more suitable and widely used for juicing. You can also make syrup or sauce out of it but this orange is labeled as the classic choice for juicing.

Unlike Navel orange, this orange has few seeds in it and takes longer to grow. However, harvest takes twice a year that is why they are well noted for its availability even off season.

3. Clementine Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing: Clementine Oranges

This hybrid orange is a combination of a standard orange and a mandarin-type. The smallest member of the mandarin family, it is seedless. The peel is smooth, shiny and profound orange in color. You can opt for cooking, snacks, and juice with Clementine oranges.

Since these oranges are extra juicy, it is the best choice for juicing, sauces, preserves, and dressings. If you are looking for a fruit that blends well with salad and other fruits, you choose this type of orange. The only downside is; you can’t always find it in the market.

4. Blood Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing: Blood Oranges

This kind of orange is sweet and juicy. You will notice that its color is dark red. Dark red color indicates the presence of anthocyanin. Because of this, blood oranges contain a higher level of antioxidants than another variety of oranges.

Since blood oranges are sweet and juicy, it is a superb choice of many in terms of newly squeezed juice. Besides that, it also is less acidic. The segments of this orange can be mixed with salads, ice creams, and jellies.

The 3 kinds of red oranges are:

  • Sanguinello.
  • Tarocco.
  • Moro.

Years ago, it is difficult to find supplies of red oranges, but to now, it is being exported worldwide.

5. Tangelo

Best Oranges For Juicing: Tangelo

Tangelo is a combination of pomelo and mandarin oranges. You can find different varieties of Tangelo but in general, they are all sweet and juicy. Since it is a crossbreed of pomelo, the sizes differ from a size of a mandarin orange to a size of a grapefruit.

Since it is easy for you to take out their peel, it is stress-free to eat or juice them.

Among the popular varieties of Tangelo are:

  • Honeybell: Sweet and juicy with a little bit of tartness.
  • Orlando: A little bit sweet and tart taste but has fewer seeds.

6. Satsuma Oranges

Best Oranges For Juicing: Satsuma Oranges

Under the mandarin variety, Satsuma oranges features sweet tasting textures, few number of seeds, easy to peel and has very juicy fruit pulps.

Since it holds these qualities, Satsuma is great in making juice, jams, and jellies.

7. Cara Cara

Best Oranges For Juicing: Cara Cara

This crossbreed between two kinds of Navels is bright in color and smooth, but the inside is surprisingly different. The color of its flesh is pinkish and it tastes like red berries than orange.

Since it holds these qualities, Satsuma is great in making juice, jams, and jellies.

8. Tangerines

Best Oranges For Juicing: Tangerines

With a lighter color and are a little bit tart compared to other oranges, Tangerines have high-level content of Synephrine (bitter orange). Synephrine is popularly known to help lose weight if taken as a dietary supplement.

There are different varieties of Tangerines but in general, it only has few seeds inside and is easy to peel. This type looks almost the same with Clementine oranges so when you buy, try to read the labels.

The above list is the type of oranges that were selected to be best in the juicing category. We all know that orange juice is one of the drinks that can be taken any time of the day. It is suitable for breakfasts, snacks and for any kind of cooling beverages most especially during summer time. It would be great knowing you love orange juice since it offers a lot of health benefits for us.

Health Benefits Of Juicing An Orange

  • Juicing is a convenient and rewarding way of consuming oranges without eating them. It is an easy and fast way to give ourselves the diet supplement that we need certain nutrients and vitamin C.
  • Oranges being juicy in nature is an excellent pick for juicing. It has low calories, got a high level of antioxidants and aid in managing levels of blood pressures, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice maintains a healthy thyroid and adrenal functions. It also contains an equal level of natural sugars that boosts a healthy metabolic rate.
  • Fresh orange juice contains an abundance of beneficial enzymes, magnesium, potassium and much more!


It is encouraged for you to drink freshly squeezed orange juice than buying the bottled or packed kind. Bottle juice is highly concentrated and contains more calories and sucrose compared to the fresh orange juice.

It may be bad for you since the pasteurization process in bottled juice lessens valuable enzymes. Bottled juice is also loaded with artificial flavors and colorings that are not declared on the label.

Important Note About Orange Juice

The 2 Methods Of Juicing

  • Manual Juicing: Squeezing the juice out from the pulps using your bare hands.
The 2 Methods Of Juicing: Manual Juicing
  • Using a food processor, juicer or blender: Electronic kitchen equipment makes juicing easy, fast and convenient. Just peel the oranges, drop it inside and pulse!
The 2 Methods Of Juicing: Using A Juicer Or Blender

Tips For Juicing And Orange:

  • Peels contain lots of nutrients and antioxidants. You can include it in juicing if you are using Clementine and other small types of oranges. Yet, you include it in moderation to prevent indigestion.
  • You can also blend your orange juice with other fruits and vegetables for a diversity of flavor and consistency.

Do you know already what to buy when planning for making orange juice? Any of those orange types mentioned above are perfect for your juicing purpose. The benefits of knowing these kinds of oranges help you to have a wide variety to choose from without making any mistakes. And of course, if one type is not available, you can always opt to the next choice.

The best oranges for juicing is being presented to you for better juice quality, fast and efficient way of purchasing and the satisfaction of knowing the health benefits we can get out from it. Hopefully, this has been helpful to you and is worth sharing with everyone!

8 Best Oranges For Juicing To Boost Your Immune System!
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