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Best Oil For Frying Fish
May 19

12 Best Oils for Frying Fish That Will Make Your Kitchen Super-Hot!

By Rose | Condiments , Frying

Have you been using the same cooking oil when frying? Do you know that there are different kind of oils that you can choose to make your frying experience much better and healthier? Let me introduce to you some choices from the vast number of cooking oil available in the market today. I will mention its advantage and uses to give you a hint on what is the best oil for frying fish. So, stay with me!

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How Long To Fry Shrimp
May 13

What’s The Best Way To Fry Shrimps?

By Rose | Frying , Seafood

Of all the cooking methods at home, frying is the most common. There are a lot of different ways to fry. If you are interested and want to learn, let’s learn together. Shrimps are popular everywhere. They are delicious, healthy and will suit any occasion. They are always outstanding at parties and outdoor gatherings, whatever they are prepared.

To find out more about how long we should fry shrimps, let us first understand some of the facts!

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