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How To Make Low Carb Chicken Salad In Just A Few Minutes!
Aug 27

How To Make Low Carb Chicken Salad In Just A Few Minutes!

By Rose | Salad

Salads are always convenient if you want a swift nibble to eat. They are simple to make and can be put in the fridge for later. Just cut up your fruit and salad and they will be only a grab away when you’re feeling lazy!

Low Carb Chicken Salad is my favorite to make. It can be a quick snack, lunch and sometimes dinner, and I can put anything I like in it. When it comes to salads, “anything goes” with me. Do you have your own low carb chicken salad mix recipe? Care to share it with me?

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How To Make Eggless Sugar Cookies? A Special Treat For Kids So Sweet!
Jul 04

How To Make Eggless Sugar Cookies?

By Rose | Snack

This time, let’s bake with a little twist. Have you ever heard of eggless sugar cookies? I’m sure the vegans out there are familiar with them. It’s good to know the difference between baking with or without eggs!

Let’s make sugar cookies for the kids, as well as the kids at heart. This is going to be fun! Let’s make them the best eggless sugar cookies for you to keep. Would you like to help me?

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Can You Freeze Alfredo Sauce? The Best Way To Extend Sauce Shelf Life
Jun 28

Can You Freeze Alfredo Sauce? The Best Way To Extend Its Shelf Life

By Rose | Sauce , Storing Tips

Sauces add flavor to your dishes. They’re the key to making your meals tasty. Because of this, there are so many sauces to choose from. You can use them on pasta, salads and with every meal. What’s your most frequently used sauce?

Do you like Alfredo sauce? It’s a regular in my kitchen. It might sound complicated to make, but it’s really a simple sauce made from cream and mozzarella. You just need to do a bit of melting and whisking and that will do the trick!

I am a fanatic about homemade sauce. I only buy sauces straight from the store if time is very tight. Have you ever made so much that you need to store it for future use?
I’m particular about the methods I use to store my sauces for a long time, and freezing is my first choice. Do you agree?

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Spicy Peanut Butter: How To Make It Creamy And Hot To Taste?
Jun 26

Spicy Peanut Butter: How To Make It Taste Creamy And Hot

By Rose | Special Cravings

There is nothing more boring than eating food that has the same flavor almost every day. Peanut butter is a versatile delicacy. You can use it as a dessert, spread, sauce or blend it with your favorite dishes. How frequently do you use peanut butter every week?

Are you tired of it and desperately looking for something new to spice up your snacks? Let’s give it a twist by making it fiery hot as well as creamy sweet. It’s going to have a real kick to it!

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