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How To Make Sour Milk When You Need One?
May 15

How To Make Sour Milk When You Need It

By Rose | Dairy

Sour milk is a regular item in a baker’s pantry. Even moms who love to bake make sure that they have some to grab when they need it. But how about if you run out of it? If you are curious enough to love baking challenges, I am pretty sure you have already googled for the recipe for sour milk or for some substitutes.

Do you want to learn how to make sour milk? Read on!

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lactose free cream cheese
Aug 23

Lactose-Free Cream Cheese: How To Create The Best Recipe

By Rose | Dairy

From ice creams and cake frostings to delicious cheese, it’s quite frustrating to be deprived of one of life’s most pleasurable treats. It can feel like you’re looking into a large room full of milk and cheese, but a great big sign is telling you not to enter! Yes, being lactose-intolerant sucks. But don’t be too frustrated, help is at hand.

The good news is that milk substitutes and lactose-free products are now emerging on the market that enable everyone to enjoy those tasty pleasures that normal lactose-tolerant people take for granted.

As cream cheese is one of the essential ingredients of pastries, this article will help you to ease your dessert cravings.

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