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Feeling Crabby: How To Cook Fantastic Imitation Crab Meat Easily
Feb 16

Feeling Crabby: How To Cook Fantastic Imitation Crab Meat Easily

By Rose | Seafood

Have you ever taken a bite out of a California roll and tasted a bit of crab in it? Well, the chances are you’re eating a tiny piece of sliced imitation crabmeat. This scrumptious piece of meat is sweet and tastes almost exactly like the real thing. However, you might be shocked to know that imitation crab contains absolutely no traces of real crab in it.

I have an overabundance of imitation crab stored in my freezer. While most of you will know his is a staple in sushi creations, I use it in a myriad of other dishes. For example, I’ve just had an excellent hotpot dinner with some fish cakes, thinly sliced beef, and imitation crabstick last week. I also use this ingredient as a topper for my fresh Thai papaya salad, and you can add it to sandwich spreads for a delightful seafood inspired sub.

Today, I am going to discuss how imitation crab meat can be turned into a star dish. While this sounds like a tall order, there are actually various ways you can use it to create a fantastic lunch or dinner. But before we go into all of this, let me first give you a quick glimpse into the history of this unique and mysterious ingredient.

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The 10 Best Canned Oysters Reviews
Nov 12

The 10 Best Canned Oysters That You Can Eat Right Away!

By Rose | Seafood

Oysters are such a great delicacy. They are a versatile kitchen ingredient that can be used in various recipes. And they are not just used for main dishes. You can also use them as side treats and even desserts! Have you ever heard of oyster pie or smoked oysters?

But of course, not all of us have the time to create these recipes. It is a sad reality, but we have errands and work schedules to do, as well as families to take care of, which can be a time-consuming task. But don’t fret, none of these things are entirely bad.

Preparing oysters is quite a taxing process. You need the proper oyster knife and skills to do this. Smoking oysters or boiling oysters is quite difficult during your outdoor trips or when you are very busy. But if you really crave this food, then you should opt for the best canned oysters instead! They are both a portable and very quick way to gratify your appetite when you’re hungry.

Here is a good set of recommendations for these food items. They might not be as popular as you expect them to be, but trust me when I say they are all delicious and healthy! Try to stock these cans up in your kitchen, and you’ll never crave oysters again without being able to eat them immediately!

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How Long To Fry Shrimp
May 13

What’s The Best Way To Fry Shrimps?

By Rose | Frying , Seafood

Of all the cooking methods at home, frying is the most common. There are a lot of different ways to fry. If you are interested and want to learn, let’s learn together. Shrimps are popular everywhere. They are delicious, healthy and will suit any occasion. They are always outstanding at parties and outdoor gatherings, whatever they are prepared.

To find out more about how long we should fry shrimps, let us first understand some of the facts!

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How To Make Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi: A Seafood Unlover’s Favorite
Mar 18

How To Make Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi: A Seafood Favorite

By Rose | Seafood

Honestly, I am not a seafood person. I am more fond of eating beef, pork, chicken, or anything that’s thick, meaty and fatty. Well yes, you’re right, I am guilty of eating unhealthy choices, but I always aim to eat a variety of different food. Of course, I am conscious of my health as well, that’s why I always make sure I include seafood on my weekly meal plan.

Alhough my confession speaks a lot of my unhealthy behavior, I can’t deny that Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi has changed my mind and persuaded me to love seafood.

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