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The Best Tomato Knife: Top Reviews And Buyer's Guide
Feb 18

The Best Tomato Knife: Top Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

By Rose | Cutlery & Knife Accessories

Tomatoes are among the most familiar ingredients in your kitchen. You can use them in a variety of dishes and delicacies because of their impeccable flavor.

But despite this, they are not easy to prepare. Even if you have a sharp Santoku knife at your disposal, slicing tomatoes is not a walk in the park. This is where the best tomato knife comes into action.

Just like its name suggests, a tomato knife is the best cutlery tool to use when you are dealing with these squishy red veggies. If properly prepared, tomatoes can change both the aesthetics and taste of your dish. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that this kitchen tool actually exists.

Searching for a tomato knife in the market can either be a curse or a blessing. If you are familiar with this tool, getting the right one is a breeze. But if you are oblivious to this special kind of knife, you will have a hard time choosing one.

But don’t fret, I am here to help you out. I have created a guide about tomato slicers, which you can read later in this article. But for the meantime, let me introduce to you the five best tomato knives that are currently available. Check them out now!

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Rada Cutlery Reviews: A Guide To Rada's Knives And Kitchen Utensils
Feb 14

Rada Cutlery Reviews: A Guide To Rada’s Knives And Kitchen Utensils

By Rose | Cutlery & Knife Accessories , Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

If you are looking to get some new cutlery for your kitchen, there are many options currently available that will provide you with different qualities, features and levels of performance. In fact, there are a plethora of factors that can determine your choice, even the brand name.

The majority of us think that the best knives are expensive. Well, there is a certain truth in this, but you can also get decent cutting knives in the entry and mid-level price categories. Rada Cutlery is proof of that.

Rada Cutlery is a kitchen tool manufacturer based in Iowa, America. The utensils are durable, ergonomic and brimming with quality. If you don’t believe me, go check out the independent testimonials of people who have used these tools. You can also check out the Rada Cutlery reviews that I’ve written below to see why this brand is so popular nowadays!

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Wok On! The Best Carbon Steel Wok For Your Kitchen
Feb 06

Wok On! The Best Carbon Steel Wok For Your Kitchen

By Rose | Cookware

If there is one top staple in Asian cooking, it might just be the good old, reliable steel wok. Chinese food, in particular, utilizes a lot of stir-frying, so having a good quality wok is essential. Just ask any chef that specializes in Chinese cuisine and they will swear to you that a great wok is probably the most important aspect of their cooking.

As for me, I have made the mistake of not always heeding this warning. I love making Chinese fried rice and stir fried noodles at home, and have gone through numerous cheap woks as a result. One rusted on me while the handles of others have broken easily. A wok is the workhorse of the kitchen, especially if you love making Asian inspired dishes. My wok sees action at least twice a week with all the stir-frying that I do. Woks are such versatile partners in the kitchen, they can be used for searing, BBQs and much more. I can even whip up an amazing French omelette using my wok! (Although beginners should use a pan for that.) All in all, it is an amazing all around tool for your culinary needs.

It was, therefore, a blow when my steel wok recently gave up on me as I was making some Indian pork wraps. The handle broke while I was washing it because it was not well built enough. Screwing the handle back in place was not a very good option as it had already become too loose. It is always sad when a kitchen companion of mine dies on me. After shedding a few tears, I decided to scour the internet and order a wok that would last me a very long time.

I decided to narrow down my search to the best carbon steel woks as I had heard outstanding things about them. It did not take long before I had found my new partner in Asian cooking. And let me tell you, it has so far exceeded my high expectations. I have been frying and beating it up for some weeks now, and it just looks at me asking for more. I am truly pleased with what I have purchased for my growing kitchen.

But before I tell you what I have bought, let me give you a quick rundown of the other carbon steel woks I chose from. Hopefully, this will help you to decide for yourself which carbon steel wok you think is the best. So grab your spatulas and let us begin!

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Cross This One Out: The Best Chopsticks For The Perfect Asian Meal
Jan 24

Cross This One Out: The Best Chopsticks For The Perfect Asian Meal

By Rose | Flatware

There are days when I just crave some Asian cuisine. Whether it is a simple Chinese takeout or a fancy sushi restaurant, Asian food gets my tummy growling and ready to rock. A few days ago, I was hit with the Asian bug badly and decided to cook myself some sesame noodles with fresh slices of tuna. As I did not have any chopsticks lying around, I just used a steel fork and went to town on my dish.

While the dish was full of flavor and fabulous, I found that using of a steel fork to eat my Asian fusion creation did put a dampener on the whole experience. There was something wrong about forking the oodles of sesame noodles and impaling the Japanese inspired tuna. After the whole fiasco, I decided I needed to buy my own pair of chopsticks for occasions such as this.

While this might seem like a simple enough task, it took me the entire day to finally pick out the chopsticks I wanted. I wanted something that was both extremely hygienic and very durable, as it had to survive multiple uses, but above all, it needed to be extremely affordable. After all, I did not wish to break the bank for just a pair of chopsticks.

It is important to me that my chopsticks look good, as I take photos of my Asian dishes to share online with family and friends on social media sites, like Instagram and Facebook. As a result, it is nice to get some amazing looking utensils to go with these mouth-watering meals.

So without further ado, here are the best chopsticks for the perfect Asian meal. Don’t forget to read all of this article, so that you can find out which chopsticks I decided to purchase at the end.

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5 Best Springform Pans For Baking Cheesecake And Delicate Pastries
Jan 16

5 Best Springform Pans For Baking Cheesecake And Delicate Pastries

By Rose | Bakeware

The best springform pans allow you to make the best cheesecakes out there. With their detachable sides and bottom they are made for this recipe. But apart from cheesecake, the pan can also be used to bake chocolate cakes, tortes, and many other types of delectable pastries.

Most of the springform pans that you see today feature a semicircular base. In addition, the sides conform to the shape of the base, so that they can be locked with a special latch. This design is the probable reason why this pan got its name in the first place. Once the cooking is done, you can unlock the latch. This simple mechanism proves that every cake lover should have this tool in their kitchen.

I love the flexibility of this baking item and generally use it as a utility cake pan. There are a variety of springform pans that you can see on the market today which all differ in various ways, from the material they are made out of to their color and size.

I have listed some of the best options you can get for springform pans, each of which have their own respective features. Therefore, make sure you check them all out so that you can decide which one of them will meet your own personal requirements and needs.

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