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A Guide About How To Clean A Sharpening Stone
Mar 08

How To Clean A Sharpening Stone And Keep It In Top Shape

By Rose | Cutlery & Knife Accessories

It is important to keep your sharpening stone in top shape so that it will always keep your knives sharp. Indeed, the small amount of time and effort that it takes to clean a stone will pay off in the long run because your knives will be always in the best shape.

This article will help you to learn about ways to clean a sharpening stone and, therefore, create a sharp edge on the chef’s knife.

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Aug 16

Edge Vs End: Which Cutting Board Is The Best?

By Rose | Cutlery & Knife Accessories

Ingredients, check! Fire, check! Knife, check! What do you think is missing? Yep, a cutting board. Of course, you don’t want to prepare a whole cow and look like some sort of caveman in the kitchen. Meat and other ingredients are better cooked when they are chopped up.

Although cutting boards are sometimes neglected, they vary a lot and there are lots of different types to consider. Important things to look out for include where they were manufactured and how they are used. There are two styles of cutting board that you will need to know about: end grain and edge grain.

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