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Cross This One Out: The Best Chopsticks For The Perfect Asian Meal
Jan 24

Cross This One Out: The Best Chopsticks For The Perfect Asian Meal

By Rose | Flatware

There are days when I just crave some Asian cuisine. Whether it is a simple Chinese takeout or a fancy sushi restaurant, Asian food gets my tummy growling and ready to rock. A few days ago, I was hit with the Asian bug badly and decided to cook myself some sesame noodles with fresh slices of tuna. As I did not have any chopsticks lying around, I just used a steel fork and went to town on my dish.

While the dish was full of flavor and fabulous, I found that using of a steel fork to eat my Asian fusion creation did put a dampener on the whole experience. There was something wrong about forking the oodles of sesame noodles and impaling the Japanese inspired tuna. After the whole fiasco, I decided I needed to buy my own pair of chopsticks for occasions such as this.

While this might seem like a simple enough task, it took me the entire day to finally pick out the chopsticks I wanted. I wanted something that was both extremely hygienic and very durable, as it had to survive multiple uses, but above all, it needed to be extremely affordable. After all, I did not wish to break the bank for just a pair of chopsticks.

It is important to me that my chopsticks look good, as I take photos of my Asian dishes to share online with family and friends on social media sites, like Instagram and Facebook. As a result, it is nice to get some amazing looking utensils to go with these mouth-watering meals.

So without further ado, here are the best chopsticks for the perfect Asian meal. Don’t forget to read all of this article, so that you can find out which chopsticks I decided to purchase at the end.

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