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Kitchen Safety Alert: The Best Pot Holders For Burn Free Hands
Mar 08

Kitchen Safety Alert: The Best Pot Holders For Burn Free Hands

By Rose | Kitchen & Table Linens

As someone who cooks on a fairly regular basis, burns have always been something that I watch out for. A few years ago, I had to learn a big lesson about being extra careful when working in the kitchen. This was when I carelessly held the handles of my pot without a mitt while I was about to drain my boiling pasta. It was so painful, I spilled some boiling water onto my shoes (it was a good thing I was wearing clogs) and suffered some pretty nasty burns on my palms. I was unable to hold things for a few days afterwards because of that accident. But worst of all, I was not able to cook for weeks. Hello, Chinese takeout meals and TV dinners!

Nowadays, you will never see me without my trusty pot holders. You might be surprised to find out that I have dozens of them in my kitchen. They come in various colors and textures, and you would not believe how many of these babies I have gone through each year. However, it is very much worth it, as I have not had been burnt since.

So this has got me wondering, has anyone ever done a decent review of pot holders? Well, I scoured everywhere and found there was a lack of decent material on the best pot holders, which is concerning considering that kitchen safety materials like these are so important when you are a professional or home cook.

So I decided to come out with a list of the best pot holders out there. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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