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In Search For The Best Masticating Juicer This Year
May 26

In Search For The Best Masticating Juicer For 2017

By Rose | Juice , Small Appliances

As more and more people are adhering to a healthy lifestyle and trying to adapt their nutrition to it, the value of various juicers has rapidly increased. There are many types of juicers on the market following the trend these days, but health-wise, it is better to avoid the cheaper versions such as centrifugal juices, and pay more money for the better quality. It will pay off in the long run, believe me!

Masticating juicers fall into the category of the more expensive ones, and I fully understand the concerns many people have when they opt for buying this machines. No one wants to spend that much money (the high-quality ones cost more than $200), and end up having some problems with it.

However, fear no more, as I have tried the top 5 masticating juicers on the market and reviewed them for you!

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best personal blender
Oct 29

A Blend Of Truth: The Best Personal Blender That You Can Buy!

By Rose | Juice , Small Appliances

A blender has become a kitchen staple over the years. What used to be an appliance solely for making fruit shakes has evolved into a multi-function kitchen tool. It now goes beyond just smoothies, some models can even chop nuts and puree some vegetables.

It is no wonder that personal blenders have become a popular option. Some people have replaced the big clunky models with more convenient and easy to use personal blenders, while others choose to have both variants in their kitchens.

I bought one of these personal blenders to just make my protein shakes. However, I slowly but surely found myself using it to help me with a myriad of other kitchen duties. One time, I used it to grind some basil leaves to make pesto sauce for pasta and it was definitely good enough to do the job (plus it saved my arms from being sore in the morning.)

After that, my old large blender was rarely used again, except for when I needed to make a large batch of smoothies. But before you just throw out your blender, you will need to choose the right model first – a personal blender that’s built to withstand the harsh job of blending different ingredients while being compact enough to use easily.

So if you are in the market searching for one of these kitchen wonders, let us help you to reach that decision.

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Oct 23

Top 5 Ice Crushing Blenders On The Market In 2017

By Rose | Juice , Small Appliances

We all love smoothies, ice cream, and other drinks, and we love to make it at home. Also, crushed ice is important to make our perfect smoothie and ice cream a reality. But how can we achieve it if the ice is chunky? In this situation, blenders come to the rescue. However, not all blenders are created equal no matter how hard some manufacturers try to copy their competitors.

So, what are the best blenders on the market for crushing ice along with other ingredients? In this article, I’m going to list the top 5 best products you can choose from.

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best sausage stuffer
Sep 23

Making Tummies Stuffed: How To Know Which Sausage Stuffer Is The Best

By Rose | Small Appliances

Admit it. You love to have a tasty sausage with your bacon, ham, toast, and egg. It’s definitely good to have these fine delicacies on your breakfast plate. Though sausages are usually preserved and cured in the market for consumers, here is a little secret for you – you can actually make them on your own at home! What’s better than homemade cooking, anyway?

With technology becoming more advanced all the time and even the simplest home appliances being upgraded, sausage stuffers are now available in the market, which means you can now have sausages any time you want! But choosing the best sausage maker is quite tricky, especially for first-timers. To help you out, here’s all the information you need to choose the best sausage stuffer.

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