The First 59 Gluten-Free Blogs Rated To Be Healthiest And Most Helpful

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Jun 05
The First 59 Gluten-Free Blogs Rated To Be Healthiest And Most Helpful

Out of the millions of people that rely on the internet nowadays, there could be thousands out of it that live a gluten-free life. They might be following the best blog they can find to help support their need for a variety of gluten-free diet or still desperately searching for the one that suits her or his taste.

I am not saying that it is hard to find gluten-free items. They are available anywhere. Even menus and recipes are scattered everywhere. But it is hard to find a blog that agrees with you in terms of cooking and choice.

Here are 59 gluten-free bloggers for you to know and be familiar of. You will love the passion they shower to their recipes and the sincerity of the cooking tips they will give you!

59 Gluten-Free Blogs


Top 59 Gluten-Free Blogs

For almost 14 years now, Beyond Celiac has been helping and fighting for people diagnosed with celiac disease. NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness) as they are officially called, is spearheaded by President Alice Bast. Their vision is for a world where people with celiac disease could be given a quick diagnosis, eat safely and live their lives to the fullest.

Now, the group’s direction is to the pathway of complete cure, an advocacy that no other group has ever headed.

Carolyn, the heart, and soul behind this wonderful blog, is a Masters of Physical Anthropology and Human Evolution from Arizona State University. A superwoman as every mother is, she takes care of three young kids at home. She often found herself wondering who takes her time the most. Her kids? Or her blog?

Focusing on a low-carb gluten-free blog, she herself was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her last pregnancy. Now, she dedicates her love and passion for baking and cooking through this blog and to her latest published cookbook: The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen.

Now, here is a couple who share the same passion in life. Shauna is a handful. A writer, photographer, and baker in one is a combination of talent that a blog truly needs. Daniel, Shauna’s partner himself is the chef, recipe developer and manages the works behind the scene. Truly a perfect combination!

Since Shauna has celiac, together, they have created Gluten-Free Girl and have published books together. In this blog, you will be a part of their love of food, family, and everything that touches their heart.

Elana, the author of New York Times Bestselling cookbook "Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry", gave up on grains for more than 15 years now. She is one of the first who introduced grain-free cooking and baking. Earning an Ivy League Education in Healing Arts, she is trusted by readers seeking improvement to their health. Her blog is focused on recipes for those who have food allergies and set them free from being tied down in the kitchen.

Try to check her recipes and ingredients. They are simple and easy to make.

Jeanine and her husband Jack both love taking blog pictures together. Their recipes are mostly vegetarian and have been featured in Food & Wine, Food 52, Refinery29, SELF Magazine, and Oprah Magazine(!). Being declared as the Reader’s Choice Best Cooking Blog by Saveur Magazine in 2014 and won and Editor’s Choice award in 2016, published at the same time their "The Love & Lemons Cookbook".

The cookbook has been described as "happiness in itself tossed in every bowl" and "one of the loveliest cookbooks we’ve ever seen".

Elle, took interest in gluten-free baking years ago when she was diagnosed to be gluten sensitive. After she takes in a high in gluten food, she would feel tired and somewhat drugged. It started from there, and now she is living in the gluten-free world sharing her recipes to everyone who appreciates the same. Her blog is all about baking using gluten-free flours without compromising the delicious taste of the usual recipe.

She is now working on developing flour mixes gluten-free bakers out there!

Tracey, the author of this blog, is against junk food, overly processed meals and artificial ingredients. Her blog will show you how to cook gluten-free meals using healthy choices to feed your loved ones. She also offers tips, news, nutrition facts and awesome DIY recipes for cleaning, beauty, and personal care products to help you get rid of toxins in your body. Her interest in a gluten-free diet is all for the love of family when she discovered she, her husband and son, needs one.

Now, she successfully published gluten-free cookbooks. Follow her blog for updates!

Laura got her expertise about food from working in restaurants and growing up with agriculture. She focuses on writing about her passion: Cooking and eating natural plant-based food and sharing it with people she loves. Living a simple life, she connects with everyone through this blog. Earning praises from popular medias, she at the same time made her recipes popular to widely known magazines and associations.

This blog has been selected as "The Best Special Diets Blog" and nominated as "The Best Food Blog" last 2016.

Meet Jeanne, the passion behind gluten-free baking. Remember her former blog It was where it all started. Now, she renamed it, Art of Gluten-Free Baking, out of the love and interest she has for gluten-free dishes.

She herself was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and a life-threatening allergy to wheat. She published 2 successful books and found a way to share her struggles and glories in her journey to gluten-free life.

Look for her Gluten-Free Wish List: Sweet and Savory Treats You’ve Missed the Most and Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays!

Beth sure is living a healthy life! Not only is she an artist, she is a yoga instructor and wellness warrior as well. She created this blog right after changing her diet. She believes in balance and listening to your body, eating and living without labels.

Her goal with this blog is to inspire in getting creative with food, to look at vegetables and fruits to a brand new light. She is a firm believer in the power of foods that heal and the value of home cooking.

Sondi, is a freelance writer, a nutritionist and of course, a blogger. She believes that fresh, whole food contains tremendous power and are the key to feeling healthy, energetic and joyful. A survivor of Chron’s disease, she helps clients to follow allergen-friendly diets and eat well in a simple but delicious way.

Her blog is all about food, nutrition, and wellness. It helps you figure out what works best for your lifestyles!

Cara hopes that in her starting this blog, she can create a site where people with dietary restrictions will not only feel normal but find that eating without certain ingredients can still be good. In her struggle to cope up with digestive problems since she was young, she accepted later on that she is supposed to eat a diet of a certain way to help her body.

Now with this blog, she has strived to bring some of her tastiest gluten, egg and dairy-free recipes that you will surely love.

Katrina, who owns this blog has been cooking and baking gluten-free ever since she found out she was gluten intolerant. Since 2001, she is serving up hundreds of original recipes to the delight of people who needs it.

She said, "Embrace the wheat-free gluten diet. Whole. Heartedly". Then she gave up her gluten diet right on the spot! And of course, as it began, in a year, she was healed from her health problems.

Gluten-Free Goddess is a family affair, original recipes shared within and developed in her own kitchen.

Adrienne, the voice behind this blog, is a tough mom, writer, and a researcher. She writes about whole food that is special diet friendly, Healthy, non-toxic living, health topics and frugal, simple and sustainable living. That is what her blog is all about!

The reason why she was inspired to start this blog is to share with others things that she learned in her bumpy road of life.

Monica describes Paleo as a diet humans have been eating for most of their existence. A diet filled with food that is meant to be eaten. Her dad’s heart problem inspired her to look for a healthy alternative to their existing American Standard diet.

In this blog, this pretty 22-year-old encourages everyone to learn about the importance of real food and discover what food is best for you!

Aran the talent behind Cannelle et Vanille is an author, food stylist and a photographer. I guess what she simply tells what you expect from her blog. This country born lady focuses on the emotional component of food and everyday life through visual stories.

Check out the book, "Small Plates & Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking" as one of her major achievements as an author.

Carol Kicinski is noted as America’s Gluten-Free Voice. With this blog, she has motivated millions to live healthy and happy Gluten and Allergen-free lives. It does support her philosophy in life that says "Look at the world of food in terms of what I can eat- not what I can’t- and look how much healthier I am because of it!".

As Carol says, "The purpose of her blog, is to share, teach and inspire". Diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, she is now making gluten-free recipes that are plain good so others can make and love.

Meg as the creative spirit behind this blog is a mother, writer, photographer, designer and a cook. She dedicated herself in this blog, making whole meals her family would love after she found out that her son is allergic to gluten.

Her blog evolves around her cooking for a vegetarian and three meat-eaters with a range of gluten and dairy sensitivities. She always brings them together to what you call, "family".

Earthsprout will guide you towards flavor explosions, healthy thoughts, and actions. It’s all about playing with the veggie gifts of nature that powers you to live to the fullest potential!

Like her blog, Elenore’s creations is brought to life with the intent of shaking things up to create a better world. And with this blog, she is shaking the world, deliciously! Follow her story as this tree hugging gardener, vegetarian chef, and health coach shares it to you with passion and dedication.

Allyson, a writer, and an artist have poured out her talents with this blog. Her recipes have been featured in numerous popular publications and have received acclaim in the food community. Her debut cookbook "Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats" reaped the Top 5 cookbooks last 2012 as published by the popular Vegetarian Times.

Her blog focuses on gluten-free recipes that are plant-based in the hope to encourage many to lead a healthy diet.

Helen Dujardin is a French writer who is now residing in the US with her husband and kids. With her experience in working around with chefs and restaurants and on cookbooks, she is passionately wrapping her life with people and food.

Those 15 years or so inspired her to make this blog and she loves collaborating with a team to help create a vision and a story. She is not just interested in food but also in photography.

A rare partnership but precious if found. This blog was put up together by a mom and daughter team, Anya and Masha. Both living a thousand miles apart finds time in exchanging recipes and keeping this blog alive and helpful. You may also want to have a peep in their first cookbook, "The Vibrant Table" and there you will discover the fun and effort the two have made together.

The recipes you can find on this blog are all vegetarian, focused on the most healthful and seasonally delicious ingredients.

Jessica, a Real Food Wellness Educator is the founder of this blog site and community. Raised in a family that is a believer of wholesome and traditional food, she found herself already cooking at the age of three. Inspired by her mother who is a fantastic cook, she managed to become the lead chef and to all that she is busy with right now.

The mission of this blog is to provide natural living information that is easy to understand and recipes that are nutritious, easy and delicious!

The purpose of this blog is "eating well, eliminating refined sugars and gluten, and maintaining a healthy weight". 

The author of this blog is Amy Green. A devoted wife and is passionate about making healthy meals. She helps by showing people a way out from an unhealthy lifestyle. As Amy says, "The key to long-term weight loss lies in finding your answers on what works for your mind, body, and spirit".

Jessica, the founder of this blog have learned it the hard way. Suffering from endometriosis, she found the relief she has been looking for is just around the corner. The food we eat every day!

As she said, "Change doesn’t have to be all or nothing…it’s about working through things one part at a time".

Since launching this site, she found herself publishing a cookbook, with the help of her favorite chefs!

Connie has started cooking and baking for gluten-free recipes from the day her son was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. As she said on this blog, "Safe Food is a Journey…Thrive!". Indeed, it is!

She decided to make her mantra "Forage" since it is just fitting on her search for safe foods and products that would enrich lives. She likes her journey to be a part of everybody. Daily Forage, will be easier, safe, and less confusing!

Angela’s Kitchen is noted to be the very first of all gluten-free blogs and has the longest running offering of gluten-free, dairy-free freezer recipes for almost a decade!

As a recipe developer, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Expert, food photographer and an educator, Angela has managed to start writing this blog. For an almost 25 years of experience of cooking gluten and dairy-free, she understands the frustrations and joy that comes with this kind of diet.

Macy, was still a teenager when started this blog. Having problems with health herself, she turned to food for her daily dosage of medicine. She has started her Paleo journey and encourages everyone to come along with her.

On Paleo Crumbs you will find many gluten-free, grain free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, primal, and paleo recipes. And she promises you they will be scrumptious! Stacy quotes a famous one from Hippocrates that says, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food".

Heather Crosby, the brain of YumUniverse, is a recipe developer who approaches food through creative lens—breaking the rules a bit and creating shareable, comforting recipes that surprise skeptics and simply make the heart and taste buds happy.

Follow her blog, as well as her book "YumUniverse" It focuses on WHY, HOW, and eats for folks who want plant-inspired, the gluten-free inspiration for life. Heather is here to share ideas, connect and grow!

Beatrice Peltre, the good soul behind this blog, is a food writer, stylist, and photographer working at home. As a regular contributor to the Boston Globe Food Section, she has appeared in many publications and some international magazines.

Follow her blog about healthy food recipes, gluten-free and vegetarian choices. Her blog has a lot to offer, from recipes to journeys, workshops, and conferences, and of course, food and photography.

Janet has lived a gluten-free life because of food allergies. Since then, she was inspired to become a chef and studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu College. All her culinary knowledge is being applied to her blog as a chef, and a teacher.

She is a Certified Culinarian with the American Culinary Federation, National Restaurant Association and a Master’s Degree in Education. Her blog will teach tips on how to work efficiently and put meals on the table in less time than imagined possible.

Vicki is a pack of awesome goodness. Yeah, she is a mother, foodie, and a blogger. But she is also a scientist (biochemistry and genetics), creator of recipes and nutritional therapist.

Her child - Roo, who has coeliac disease since she was 3 years old, inspired her to start this blog. This blog is all about sharing quick, simple, tried and tested recipes and information with other people with limitations to their diets.

Vicki, firmly believes that "You are what you eat!".

Anyonita has created this blog in the passion of making gluten free food that is completely delicious and full of flavor. Every now and then, she develops, cooks and take photo recipes for brands and shops. Yet mostly, this blog is mostly food that she has cooked for her meals.

Her blog writing started 2012, assuring that all of the recipes developed is tested and tweaked to replicate what’s been on her plate.

Ricki, the energy behind this blog, is an educator, writer, cookbook author, natural nutritionist and a lover of dogs!

This blog is her way of expressing her love of favorite things to do like creating recipes that suit people with dietary restrictions. An "anti-candida" crusader, she levels in providing recipes that fit specific diet, taste delicious and also allows to support healing journey at the same time.

Ricki encourages to eat plant-based, sugar-free, gluten-based food that tastes great!

Sarah has been spending a lot of playtime in the kitchen! Her deep love for whole foods inspired her to create this blog. Since then, this has been the place for her to share her recipes and ideas revolving around her plant-based way of eating.

She says that "Hoping through my simple and delicious dishes I create, you too will discover a whole new world of flavor and nourishment".

Against All Grain is not just a blog but also a New York Times Best Selling Cookbook that has been created by Danielle Walker.

Danielle has been diagnosed to have an autoimmune disease on her twenties. Right there and then, she made dietary changes to end her sufferings. With her culinary skills, equal love for food and journalism, she managed to start her blog.

Her blog focuses on helping others suffering from the same ailments and continues to enjoy the food.

Emma Galloway, a chef, mother, cookbook author, and yes, suffering from gluten and lactose intolerance. As a place for her to share her gluten-free vegetarian real food recipes, stories and tips on organic gardening, she was inspired to start this blog.

Her blog aims to inspire people to take charge of what they put into their bodies by cooking whole food recipes from scratch that are vibrant and beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat.

Julie is the Alkaline Sister herself! A certified holistic nutritionist, author, photographer, designer, and a certified plant-based cook started this passion together with her sister Yvonne.

The goal of this blog is to inspire and energize people’s life, hoping to set a journey to a better health and a clear understanding of how food affects our bodies, through delicious recipes, tips, and the latest alkaline lifestyle information.

Alkaline Sisters is looking forward to sharing, inspiring and teaching!

Lindsey, the writer behind this blog did not have a harmonious relationship with food. Growing up with food sensitivities, gotten worst as time pass by. As a result, she discovered that eating and cooking seasonally keeps her in check with the more natural flow of things.

Lindsey has published her book "Chickpea Flour Does It All" inspired from the recipes, ingredients, and flavors from this blog.

This blog’s inventive recipes meld sophisticated and subtle flavors is begging to be shared with family and friends!

It is not every day that we got to know a whole family who is gluten intolerant. Sandi’s are. She and her daughter have suspected Celiac cases and the rest are positive to this intolerance as well.

Within her struggle to keep a gluten-free diet that will not give too much drastic change in her family’s diet, she decided to create this food blog.

Her goal is to help people discover how delicious gluten-free foods can be.

Tell me about family teamwork and I will completely refer you to this blog. I love how this couple Luise and David work together to make this blog a reality.

They call their blog Green Kitchen Stories not because they do have green paint on one of their kitchen walls but because it signifies their effort to come up with a healthy vegetarian recipe using whole food and organic products.

Follow their blog and books to learn their kitchen stories.

Lindsey thought her future is in medicine! When her path changed, she became this blog’s creator, food stylist, photographer, writer, blogger, and recipe developer. She started this venture at 20 years old and fell in love with it.

For her all is self-taught, may it be photography, cooking, and baking. It all found its way to triumph! She says, "The work I do now, I love every minute of it!".

It is not often you hear a lawyer cooking, right? Nicole has chosen the path of cooking, baking rather than lawyering. She chose the path with us. So she created this awesome blog and along with it, she has already published 5 cookbooks!

Nicole says, "You’ve got to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk". With this blog, she is going to teach how to feed the family gluten-free food that will have the neighbors begging for an invitation for a meal!

Phi (fee) the writer of this blog is a complete vegetarian for years now. As Phi goes along with that journey, jumping from one city to the other, have always loved food with an Asian and Parisian flair.

If anyone of you has been wondering what Princess Tofu is all about. Phi clarified that it is a Chinese tofu dish, like Princess Chicken, but made out of tofu.

For all vegetarians, you can follow Phi’s journey and learn from it through "Princess Tofu".

Shirley set-up this blog to share information with the gluten intolerance/Celiac support group she leads and hoping also to everyone else out there who might be interested. Eating gluten-free can be easy if you focus on "real" foods versus processed and specialty foods.

She has been gluten-free since 2003 but even though you are not gluten-free, the recipes and cooking tips shared on this blog are simple, tasty food that is enjoyable for all!

Kimberley calls this blog more as her recipe journal. Aside from being a freelance photographer, she has many things that she loves in life and one of those is eating huge messy meals with a bunch of her favorite people, telling stories around food.

The idea behind this creative food site is to use food as a lens to chart the course of the year through creative cooking and eating with an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sarah Carter created this gluten-free food and lifestyle blog. Like a journal, it details her passions in life so far such as gluten free cooking, music, travel and much like any gripping diary it contains.

A marketing professional, as well as an expert tea drinker, Sarah shares her food journey from the whizzing, rushing and blustering sounds of her kitchen to the complete, almost silence of the dinner table and of course to the vibrant posts of her blog.

Meet Meghan the writer behind this blog. She once wanted to become a fashion designer but found herself in love today with a career advertising nutrition.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, she took her health into her own hands and in no time, she is symptom-free.

Meghan says, "The way we live, think and respond to the world, impacts our personal health as much as how we feed ourselves". A teacher and an author, follow her books shown on this blog and if you are interested, enroll in one of her classes.

Angela, the passion behind this award-winning recipe blog featuring over 500 healthy recipes for the past years. She is sharing plant-based, energizing recipes that she and her family enjoys.

Her goal in making this blog is to inspire people to embrace more plant-based food in the diet without feeling the least bit deprived. She has made her recipes great for meat eaters and picky kids too!

Follow her cookbooks (you can see on this blog) and experience the glow in your inner self!

Let us meet Sarah, the blogger behind The Gluten-Free Blogger. She is a journalist by profession and she loves sharing her gluten-free journey. Diagnosed to have Celiac, she is passionate about health and fitness, lifting weights and practicing yoga so she can eat plenty of whatever she likes. She loves making macro-friendly goodies!

Her blog covers gluten-free recipes, reviews and living a healthy life!

This blog is all about empowering smart people to become savvy celiacs! This site is not only for those who have celiac disease. Folks with non-celiac gluten sensitivity also have to follow a strict gluten-free diet and can learn a lot from this blog.

Amy is an Emmy Award-winning journalist with years of experience in television news. Through this blog, she found a way to bring news in the gluten-free and celiac world in a relevant and valuable way.

This blog promotes gluten-free recipes and at the same time keeping the body healthy through fitness. It encourages people not only eat a healthy diet but also keeping our body physically fit.

Aside from gluten-free delicious recipes, this blog has posts on tips how to keep our body fit. You can also help yourself with helpful information about the Celiac disease, awareness, and how to live up with it.

Gluten Dude’s mission is to help not only those who have Celiac disease like him go through the gluten-free journey to feel that they are not alone. As he says, "Don’t take chances if you’re not sure about something. That one minute of eating pleasure isn’t worth the time of pain you will endure afterward".

If you want to share experiences or needs help, the Gluten Dude is the place where you can drop by and be free.

Kelly, have been to gluten-free food after her young girls were sick and were advised to be given a gluten, casein, and refines sugar-free diet. She and her husband realized right then that if a change of diet can resolve health problems, then they have to embark the journey together.

The Spunky Coconut has been active for almost a decade now and in fact, have produced several cookbooks. Kelly believes in eating a healthy real food.

Becky, the young soul behind this blog is a foodie and a YouTuber. She is passionate about things gluten-free and loves helping followers create delicious free from recipes and travel guides.

This blog’s purpose is to let people know that they’re not alone and life does not need to be a struggle. You can make the experience be whatever you want with the right support & attitude.

Danielle, the blogger behind this site, is an author and historical romance novelist with a small publishing house. This blog has been a journey for her in living gluten-free on a budget with her husband. They try to eat healthy, gluten-free foods that support a local and sustainable food system, wherever they go.

Poor & Gluten Free is about Danielle, and her allergy-free adventures and most of the stuff you'll find here is free of gluten, soy, nuts, and sugar, with egg and dairy free options.

Cindy, a food allergy mamma creates recipes that are easy to make, taste great and are free from gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, meat and are often dairy free.

Cindy says, "At Vegetarian Mamma, we are here to encourage one another and to keep things positive. We are not here to try to dictate what you should and shouldn’t consume. You know your body, you know your beliefs and you can act upon them".

Gigi believes that the importance of food in our lives is immeasurable. It brings pleasure and has the power to heal. But food can also have negative effects, wreaking havoc on our health.

She knew she could help others with what she was learning, and in 2009, she launched Gluten Free Gigi as a hub for holistic healing. It’s a judgement-free zone where my two passions – food and science – come together.

Food is an emotion, a place, a memory.

Ilene, the voice behind this blog is an NYC-based health coach, recipe developer and food photographer to share plant-based recipes that are colorful but not complicated. In this blog, you’ll find vegan and mostly gluten-free recipes for the use of everybody.

Ilene says, "This blog is my happy place where I combine my love of color, texture and all things rainbow with plant-based cooking. I’m here to help as many people as I can find their happiest, healthiest selves…and come up with a few new recipes along the way".

Those were a long list of creative and helpful blogs that are worth to visit. Along with it are the names of their creators that are full of passion and commitment. Each of which is worth the praise in their struggle and victory in overcoming a gluten-free life.

In fact, in the flying colors of how they embrace the life and how they help many on the same journey that they have taken, they managed to share to keep it as an inspiration. Are you moved and inspired by their lives?

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The First 59 Gluten-Free Blogs Rated To Be Healthiest And Most Helpful
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