How To Cook Canned Corn? Let’s Make It In Four Fun Ways!

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Jun 22
How To Cook Canned Corn? Let’s Make It In Four Fun Ways!

Do you stock up on canned goods in your pantry? This is a good idea because it is cheaper, more convenient and saves a lot of time. It may amaze you to know that corn also offer a lot of nutritional benefits too!

It’s true, having several canned goods in my kitchen is essential, and corn is one of them. There are a number of varieties, including creamy kernels, whole, niblets and even young corn. It’s very versatile when you are cooking.

How To Cook Canned Corn?

What do you often use? You can store these cans in your pantry for an average of 5 years and use them in numerous recipes. It’s just a case of grab, open and cook. Zap!

Do you know how to cook canned corn? I bet you do - in 4 different ways. I will surprise you! Are you interested? Let’s do it!


Ways To Cook Canned Corn

There are 4 ways to cook canned corn - on the top of the stove or in microwave, oven and slow cooker. It is a very simple process, so we will quickly go through them one by one. Shall we start?

Ways In Cooking Canned Corn

What You Need

  • Canned corn.
  • Can opener.
  • Strainer.
  • Sauce pan.
  • Spoon.
  • Butter.
  • Pepper.
  • Salt.
  • Microwave-safe dish.
  • Baking sheet.
  • Milk.
  • Cream cheese.

Stove Top Method

1. Use the can opener to open the canned corn. You can also buy the kind with ring pulls to make it easier. If you don’t have a can opener, make use of a knife when opening. But, if you’re not skilled at this, it could be dangerous.

How To Cook Canned Corn? Stove Top Method

2. Pour the contents into your preferred skillet and heat it on medium heat. To cook it perfectly, don’t forget to stir it once in a while. A few seconds after it has boiled, turn off the heat.

How To Cook Canned Corn? Stove Top Method

3. Pour the cooked corns into your strainer and then drain it. It’s important to drain all the water if you want to retain its natural taste. The water from the can contains preservatives, so let’s just drain it off completely.

How To Cook Canned Corn? Stove Top Method

4. Using the same skillet, melt the butter and mix in the seasoning. You know, butter and corn are a perfect combination. They complement each other. Salt and pepper are basic seasonings too. But don't let this keep you from creating your own tasty twist!

5. Once the butter has melted and is well combined with the seasonings, pour in the drained corn. Stir to blend them well. Serve and enjoy!

How To Cook Canned Corn? Stove Top Method

It will be more fun to watch this on video. This method of cooking canned corn is usually called "Pan-Roasted Corn". You will notice that, in this short video, she pours in lime juice to add a kick to the flavor.

Microwave Method

1. Use step #1 of the first method.

2. Pour the corn into the strainer. Let the water drain. Rinse the corn under running water.

3. When all water is completely drained, pour the corn inside the microwave-safe dish with a cover. Mix it with your favorite seasonings and butter before putting it in the microwave. The seasonings will make the corn more palatable. The butter will add flavor and make it moist.

  • Do not seal the container tight. Allow some steam to come out. Otherwise, it will explode.

4. Turn on the microwave to high and cook for 3-4 minutes. If it still needs more cooking, you can pop it in again for another minute or two.

5. Take the dish out of the microwave and serve!

I’m sharing with you a video on how to microwave canned corn "Masala Style". Notice the seasonings that were used. Enjoy!

Oven Method

1. Use step #1 and #2 of the microwave method.

2. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once steps 1 and 2 of the microwave method are done, spread the corn on the baking sheet evenly. I like to put baking paper on the baking sheet before I put the corn on. You can do so as well, if you wish.

3. Place the baking pan into the oven (a little bit below the broiler part) and roast it for 3 minutes. Do you notice the color changing from yellow to a golden brown? Yes? When this happens, it is done.

If you think it is not cooked enough, you can always put it back for another minute. But set a lower temp this time to avoid burning your corn.

4. Get it out of the oven, let it cool and serve. Enjoy!

Slow Cooker Method (Optional)

Using either the microwave or oven are common, easy ways to cook canned corn. However, there are recipes that call for using the slow cooker because they just taste better that way. I will show how this is done with the sweet cream corn recipe.

1. Use step #1 and #2 of the microwave method.

2. Place the corn, sugar, and salt in the slow cooker. Blend them well by using the spoon.

3. Pour milk on your corn mix.

How To Cook Canned Corn? Slow Cooker Method

4. Cut the butter and cream cheese into small cubes and distribute it on top of the corn mixture. Do not blend it with the mixture.

How To Cook Canned Corn? Slow Cooker Method

5. Cover the slow cooker and cook the corn for an average of 5 hours (3 hours if on high heat, 6 hours if on low heat). Halfway through the cooking, stir the corn to prevent it burning and creating a crust at the bottom. It can also help to blend the butter and cheese properly.

Keep on stirring until it is all well blended. You can add seasonings and sugar if you desire (optional).

6. When it is done, let the cooked corn stand for a few minutes to let the sauce settle. Stir again after to test its texture. If you want it creamier, pour in some additional milk.

7. Transfer the creamed corn to a serving dish and enjoy!

How To Cook Canned Corn? Slow Cooker Method

Useful Tips When Cooking Canned Corn

  • You can always store the leftover canned corn in your freezer. Put it in a ziplock and write the date on a label. Use it later on for recipes that call for it.
  • Canned corn is better than either new or frozen corn for making creamed corn since the kernels break up more easily, making a smoother texture.
  • Canned corn is a good alternative to fresh corn on the cob if it’s not in season. It’s simple to cook, and your picky eaters will not even taste the difference.
  • Look at the expiry date and the appearance of the can when purchasing the canned corn. Avoid buying dented cans.

So, how do you like your canned corn cooked? I’ve given you the choices, just take your pick! Now you know how to cook canned corn in different ways.

No matter how you do it, corn is a great food that is useful in many recipes. You can also use it in dips, salad, fritters and much more. Now, let’s keep cooking!


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