The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Delicious Mac And Cheese

The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Delicious Mac And Cheese

Are you a pasta lover? Pasta is an old time favorite for everyone. Hundreds of cooking variations from all over the world, made out of different pasta, technique, a method of cooking, taste, and style. You are about to learn about the most popular pasta recipe that has been enjoyed by old and young, on special and ordinary days through the test of time.

In this Ultimate Guideline to Cooking Delicious Mac and Cheese, you wouldn’t only know how to cook them, but learn where it originated as well.

The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Delicious Mac And Cheese

What Are Macaroni And Cheese?

Mac and Cheese is a combination of pasta, cheese and a cream recipe that is considered as an all season favorite for all. Who gets wrong with Mac and Cheese? As long as you have these three major ingredients, you can cook the way you want it. Considered as a housewives’ best friend, it sure is a hearty meal for the family.

What Are Macaroni And Cheese?

Needless to say that Mac and Cheese are the most popular classic food in America. Why else would they celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day every July 14th of the year? On this day you have your chance to share with everybody your own Mac and Cheese recipe together with other fellow Americans.

Here is a funny video on how some of the Americans celebrate their Mac and Cheese day!

1. The History Of Mac And Cheese

The name Macaroni and Cheese is usually associated with the Americans. It is one of their classic comfort food that is welcomed anywhere, whenever. But did it really originate from them?

The History Of Mac And Cheese

Pasta with cheese recipes have been popular since the 14th century and have been recorded in cookbooks. Since then it is a regular to households and gatherings. The first recipe ever recorded for a Mac and Cheese was from Liber the Coquina and Forme of Cury which described it as a "mixture of pastry dough, cheese, and butter". Our gratitude to these classic food lovers since Mac and Cheese have been accepted in all Europe.

Although we never really did find out who made macaroni the pasta to use in making it but there were speculations that the recipe was introduced to Thomas Jefferson. He did love it so much that he brought a pasta-making machine after his visit from Italy. So we can guess that it was that timeframe when Mac and Cheese conquered America.

2. What Are The Major Ingredients Of Mac And Cheese Recipe?

As mentioned before, the basic ingredients of Mac and Cheese recipe are pasta, cheese, and butter or cream. Popular recipes for Mac and Cheese will be featured later as we go along but now, maybe you are wondering what kind of pasta can be used for Mac and Cheese recipe.

What Are The Major Ingredients Of Mac And Cheese Recipe?

It was never mentioned in history who have first thought of making macaroni as the pasta for the recipe. Before the macaroni, it was only mentioned as pasta. Currently, it is popular to use macaroni pasta as it was named after. However, since people are adventurous when it comes to satisfying the appetite, it is a delight to know that whatever pasta used, it is still the same yummy Mac and Cheese miracle.

Before finding out the different types of pasta, try to watch this video to have an idea of how pasta is made:

3. The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix

1. Shells - Having the same cooking method and time with macaroni, it is the best alternative for Mac and Cheese recipe. It has a more stylish appearance than macaroni and has these shell cups, corrugated backs and hallowed interiors that capture plenty of creamy sauce.

The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Shell

The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Elbows

2. Elbows - Taken from the macaroni name itself, this type of pasta is the original and popular to use. Cooks pretty fast, its pasta design which is arced and tube-like makes it a perfect place of the creamy sauce to stick.

3. Farfalle - Known as the "bow tie" or "butterflies" pasta, it is good for classy Mac and Cheese recipes since their wide flat type surface provides a nice touch of herbs, veggies, and other cooking add-ins.

The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Farfalle

The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Penne

4. Penne - For a more noticeable spot for Mac and Cheese using larger size pasta is recommendable. Since it is big, it is fulfilling to the last bite. It also retains its texture after baking.

5. Pasta that would serve the same way but are not widely used:


The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Rotini


The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Cavatappi/Cellentani


The Different Kinds Of Pasta That Are Perfect For A Mac And Cheese Mix - Campanelle

The important factors for a good Mac and Cheese pasta:

  • To have that certain design that can capture and hold the creamy sauce making it so delicious to the bite.
  • Design that is unique and nice to look at. When you are putting on display during gatherings, it would be eye-catching and a delight to the food presentations.
  • Cooks fast easily absorbs the sauce for a creamy taste and retains its texture after the cooking.

You have kept stocks of ready mix Mac and Cheese in your cupboard somewhere for immediate cravings. However, nobody will argue that making Mac and Cheese from scratch is very far from the same in taste compared to those readily sold in a box.

Before you go through a different kind of cheese, try to understand how cheese is being made. Here is an educational video on how to manufacture it.

4. The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese

1. Parmesan Cheese - For a full serving of super creamy Mac and Cheese. Roughly rigid in the surface, it tastes sweet and tangy and has gained the credit as one of the top cheese in the culinary world.

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Parmesan Cheese

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Feta Cheese

2. Feta Cheese - Best cooked together with cheddar, this crumbly cheese is best for Mac and Cheese with white sauce. A brined cheese, it is made out of sheep milk or a combination of goat and sheep.

3. Pepper Jack - The true American cheese, this is spiced with sweet peppers and herbs for an extra twist. Spicy but creamy taste that lingers on your palate.

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Pepper Jack

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Cheddar Cheese

4. Cheddar Cheese - If you just can’t afford to mess things up, choose cheddar. It goes well with almost anything! Made out of cow’s milk it is the most common cheese used and is sturdy and natural on the surface.

5. Cottage Cheese - Want a creamier Mac and Cheese? So a combination of Cottage and Cheddar cheese to get the texture you desire. Take it from a soft, white, and creamy fresh cheese.

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Cottage Cheese

The Different Cheeses Well-Known To Be Used In Mac And Cheese - Cream Cheese

6. Cream Cheese - Soft and mild to the taste, this fresh cheese is made out of the combination of milk and cream. When making Mac and Cheese, combine this with Mozzarella and Parmesan.

Now you have been wondering how there are lots of existing types of cheese. What is the difference between them? Here is an educational video explaining the classification of cheese:

Remember that in Mac and Cheese, it is all in the sauce. It is the sauce that makes it tasty. So, what is the sauce? The cheese of course. For a perfect tasting Mac and Cheese, it is preferred to blend one sharp cheese and two melting kinds of cheese. Now, you will never get it wrong.

The Different Methods Of Making Mac And Cheese

Way back its origin, Mac and Cheese were made by baking, it at least that was the old recipe that they found instructed in the method of cooking. If not because of mankind’s creativity in the art of cooking, it would have stayed the same. But now, you can make Mac and Cheese in so many ways as you please. Which method is yours?

1. Stove-top Mac and Cheese

Some do not have the luxury of an oven. It seems that people easily adjust in cooking Mac and Cheese with the tools that they have in their kitchen. Who can stop you from eating one? Stove-top Mac and Cheese is cooking your pasta mixture over a stove-top using your skillet. Still, the same, pasta and cheese/cream sauce will be cooked together resulting to the sumptuous Mac and Cheese meal.

Stove-top Mac and Cheese

Here is a video on how to cook Mac and Cheese using the stove-top method:

2. Oven-Baked Mac and Cheese

The original method of cooking Mac and Cheese is baking. It is also the easiest way from among the methods. All you have to do is mix the ingredients, put it inside a baking pan, place it in the oven, set the time and wait. When the time is up, it is ready to eat. No sweat!

Oven-Baked Mac and Cheese

However, every baked mac and Cheese has to undergo either the stove-top method or the deep frying method during the cooking of pasta and sauce.

Here is a video showing how to cook Mac and Cheese using the baking method:

3. Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese

The deep-fry method is using the deep-fryer instead with a skillet. This would require a lot of oil compared to frying pans/skillet. These are usually applicable to Mac and Cheese balls recipes.

Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese

Here is the video showing you how to cook Mac and Cheese using a deep-fryer:

4. Cooking Mac and Cheese Using the Slow Cooker or Crockpot

Using the slow cooker when making Mac and Cheese is more simple and lot easier compared to baking method. In the slow cooker, you do not need a baking pan. You can choose whatever you want to use, either the slow cooker or the crockpot. Either of the two, the result would still be the same.

Cooking Mac and Cheese Using the Slow Cooker or Crockpot

Just mix your ingredients right inside the slow cooker (you don’t need to cook the pasta ahead), when done, cover the lid, turn on the slow cooker and set the time. When time is up, it is ready to eat. Hah! You can even eat it right from the slow cooker itself!

Here is a video showing you how to cook Mac and Cheese using the slow cooker:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Cooking Methods of Mac and Cheese

Making Mac and Cheese not using the oven method is what others would term "no bake" Mac and Cheese recipes. Among the four different methods used, which of it are you fond of? If you have not decided, we will help by giving the advantage and disadvantages in each method.

Cooking Method



Oven-top - Best method in terms of less time

  • Quick cooking- an average of 15 minutes.
  • Less oil used.
  • Best for its sauce consistency.
  • You have to cook hands-on till it’s done.

Oven Baked

  • Easy to cook, just place inside the oven, set the timer and leave.
  • You need to pre-cook the sauce in a skillet.
  • You are going to use a lot of containers. So many to wash.
  • Cooking time is longer since you need to do the skillet first before baking.
  • You need to use oil in the skillet and grease the baking pan.
  • Often ends up a dry mac and cheese.

Deep Fried

  • Best for bite-size Mac and Cheese recipes.
  • Too many oil needed.
  • Longer time cooking needed since a lot of oil means longer heating.
  • You need to chill the pasta mix first before frying.
  • 2 process needed, chilling and deep-frying

Slow Cooker - The best method in terms of less effort

  • Lesser utensils to wash. Mix the pasta inside the slow cooker and cook right away.
  • Lesser processing time. (no need to cook pasta ahead).
  • You can leave the rest of the left pasta inside the slow cooker, cover and reheat later.
  • Once done mixing the pasta, cook inside the rice cooker, set the timer and leave.
  • No need to use oil, just grease the slow cooker pot.
  • Even though the pre-cooking processing time is cut-off tremendously, it is a slow cooker, it takes a very long time to cook.
  • The result is surprising really. Oven baking is usually the preference when doing Mac and Cheese but looking at the table above, it sums up that slow cooker is the winner when it comes to less effort and oven-top for lesser time usage.

How about you? Do you have anything to say about the above result? Needless to say, whatever the advantages and disadvantages are, the Mac and Cheese will always turn out to be heavenly delicious. Which method do you like now?

Common Mac And Cheese Cooking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Common Mac And Cheese Cooking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It does not matter how old this recipe is but as they say "practice takes time". As you are cooking your very first Mac and Cheese, the common mistakes that will be mentioned may not be new to you.

1. Where’s the sauce? Dry Mac and Cheese

If ever there is worst in all the mistakes, it should be this. Mac and Cheese should be creamy and ooze with the tasty sauce. Who wants it dry? So sorry for all the effort and the expensive ingredients you just poured in but a dry Mac and Cheese simply would be ignored.

How to avoid making dry Mac and Cheese?

  • Use a stove-top method of making Mac and Cheese. Stove-top is best for retaining the consistency of the sauce.
  • Do not make the sauce too thick, there won’t be enough sauce when cooking is done. The pasta absorbed it all up.
  • Always make extra sauce. When in the process you notice it is drying up so quickly, add your extra sauce!
  • Stick to the time as instructed. Overcooking the Mac and Cheese will eventually dry it all up, if not burned.
  • Try adding pasta by portions. When you have reached the sauce consistency you desire, stop adding the remaining pasta and set it aside for later or next time you cook.

2. Yummy to the eye, but tasteless Mac and Cheese

By just looking at the Mac and Cheese on the table could make your mouth water in the anticipation of tasting its creaminess. It would be extremely devastating when you discover it is flavorless to the max. Epic fail to the palates!

How to avoid making a flavorless Mac and Cheese?

  • Use the correct blend of cheeses. Use the best tasting one (sharp), or you can mix sharp with mild and test.
  • Have you a cheese shortage? You need to add enough amount of cheese to reach the desirable taste.
  • Add garlic and other favorite spices to your ingredients. The Spices do its magic!
  • Try to adjust the amount of your salt and pepper.
  • Use fresh herbs, not dried ones.
  • A little twist would not harm at all. Add some hot sauce if you prefer.

3. What cheese do you use? Not cheesy enough!

This could also be another reason why it is flavorless so mistake #2 is somewhat related to this. Of course, it has something to do with cheese. 

So how to fix it?

  • Try to experiment with your cheese choices. Three types of cheese make a yummy Mac and Cheese. Look for one sharp and two that easily melts.
  • You got to test taste while mixing the sauce. If you think it needs more cheese, by all means, add more before it’s too late.
  • Always choose the best quality of cheese. Ask experts on what they use.

4. Overcooked pasta

A creamy Mac and Cheese is so yummy to the last bite but with soggy pasta with it, you will lose your appetite. There is nothing to compare on firm pasta that can hold the sauce and still maintain its texture.

How to avoid this soggy pasta from happening?

  • Following the instructions in cooking the pasta in the package helps. You master the al dente goodness of a cooked pasta.
  • In the process of boiling the pasta, you have to test it from time to time making sure it is not going to overcook.
  • If you plan to bake the pasta afterward, only half cook the pasta during the boiling. It will fully cook perfectly in the oven.

5. Watery sauce

Where did the creaminess go? You will be confused if you are eating a Mac and Cheese or sipping soup out from it. Watery Mac and Cheese would look like a spoiled meal and is not worth to taste.

How to avoid this watery sauce result?

  • Mind the liquid. Putting more than what is needed liquid would, of course, make your Mac and Cheese watery and make the pasta soggy. It would affect the taste too. Add the liquid gradually.
  • When you suspect you added more liquid than necessary, add more cheese too to make it consistent.
  • If you did the cooking using the stove-top, go ahead proceed baking it for another few minutes to lessen the liquid.
  • If it is baked Mac and Cheese and turned out watery after taking it out from the oven, let it set for a few minutes before eating. The texture will change then.

6. Choosing the wrong pasta

As you have learned in the first part of the article, there are types of pasta perfect for Mac and Cheese. Stick to the list on top, and it will end up just fine. Mac and Cheese pasta should be thick, firm and must have those grooves and hollow designs to hold up the creaminess of the sauce.

7. Grainy cheese sauce

Losing the smoothness texture of the cheese sauce gives a big negative impact in the Mac and Cheese quality of taste. The sauce should be creamy and smooth at the same time tasty. If the sauce is grainy, the taste is never the same.

How to avoid grainy cheese sauce?

  • Combine the right kind of cheeses. If you have chosen more sharp cheese than soft kind, it will end up grainy. Try to see our cheese list on top for the guide. Remember one sharp, 2 soft cheese blend.

8. The separation of sauce when cooking

Frustration level is so high when you see that the sauce separates during cooking. It would need more effort to fix it. Try to find out how to balance it.

How to avoid grainy cheese sauce?

  • Make sure to follow the balance amount of ingredients when cooking the white sauce. Add all of them gradually while continually whisking it until it thickens.

9. Oily Mac and Cheese

Who would like to eat a greasy Mac and Cheese? This is worst than the watery sauce. Oil is the least that you need to see in your bowl.

How to avoid this oily sauce texture in Mac and Cheese?

  • Do not overcook or overheat the cheese. Doing so will let the fat separate from the cheese, thus the oily sauce.

10. My Mac and Cheese crust does taste bad

The brown crust is mostly responsible for making the Mac and Cheese more deliciously inviting. Your mouth will water knowing that the brown crust is a combination of the sauce and bread crumbs that was perfectly cooked.

How to get that perfect brown crust of Mac and Cheese and not the burnt and bad tasting one?

  • A simple trick will do. Usually, the crust would burn if you have exposed it too long with heat. Try baking the Mac and Cheese without your toppings first and when it is halfway, you can add the toppings to cook half of the time. It will not get burned and turn out to be the brown you want it to be.

It should sum up all the common Mac and Cheese failures mostly everyone has experienced in trying to have that perfect to the biting taste. Do not worry, when you finally get it right, you can eat it whenever you want.

Mac And Cheese & Health

The Mac and Cheese recipe are one delicious food alright but let us try to dig more in the nutrition area it brings. Would the nutrition benefits be as good as it is yummy? It is both a favorite for old and young generations alike so let us see how healthy it is to our body.

1. The Health Benefits Of Macaroni And Cheese

The usual macaroni pasta being used in making this recipe does not really have a high source of fiber and other nutrients. Replacing it with whole wheat version do the trick though. Obviously, cheese has lots of health benefits for the human body. It is the champion in making the recipe tasty so let us dig into its nutritional facts.

The Health Benefits Of Macaroni And Cheese

Focusing on these two major ingredients, let us see what we can get:

  • Fiber - prevents constipation, prevents heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.
  • Iron - enable the production of hemoglobin and plays a great role in immune function and cell growth.
  • Phosphorus - promotes healthy skin, nerves, and digestion.
  • Zinc - is great in functions like cell division, immune system and fast healing of wounds.
  • Other nutrients like calcium - strengthens bones and teeth.
  • Potassium - lower risks of high blood pressure and muscle health.
  • Folate and Vitamin B - prevents birth defects.
  • Protein - bodybuilding.
  • Vitamin A - maintaining healthy vision and contains antioxidants.

2. The Nutrition Controversy Of Mac And Cheese

The Nutrition Controversy Of Mac And Cheese

(Via US News)

As the research goes this Mac and Cheese nutrition controversy boil down to the Kraft Mac and Cheese product issue. Massive customer withdrawal of the product started 2015 and since then, people would think twice before picking it up in the supermarkets. Though Kraft claims it is just temporary, they were obliged to recall end products from supermarket shelves and it goes worse since then.

The main reason for its chaos was the allegations that some manufactured batches of Kraft original flavor Mac and Cheese contains metal bits. Guess Kraft have lost the trust of the consumers since this controversy was preceded with almost the same case last 2013. The same macaroni product was recalled since Kraft used yellow die and GMO wheat.

Although Kraft had announced that they already removed the artificial coloring on the next batches, sales would never be the same. It is a good thing more people opt to cook Macaroni and Cheese from scratch.

3. Tips On How To Make Your Mac And Cheese Healthy

Let’s face it, Mac and Cheese has high in calories, sodium, and fat. Guess you cannot have it all and the super delicious meal has its ups and downs. However, you could always find a way to make this a healthy recipe, to begin with. Let us see how these tips can help you.

Tips On How To Make Your Mac And Cheese Healthy
  • Make your macaroni pasta made out of whole wheat to get the high source of fiber.
  • Buy low-fat cheese to minimize intake of saturated fat.
  • Add more veggies and herbs with your original Mac and Cheese recipe.
  • Cut out usage of cheese and replace it with your favorite vegetable puree. It would add a twist to the taste and maintain the creamy texture as well.
  • Another option on cutting the usage of cheese is replacing a portion of the amount of cheese needed with yogurt.
  • Replace whole milk with low-fat milk to reduce intake of fats.
  • Replace the butter with olive oil.

Here is a cooking video of a healthy Mac and Cheese recipe:

Pro Tips From Other Bloggers

Of course making the Mac and cheese recipe won’t be perfect without learning from the experts. A collection of helpful tips from bloggers who are moms, food fans, chefs, and professionals is also included to guide you more on your venture of cooking the ultimate Mac and Cheese.

Pro Tips on Cooking Delicious Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - Southern Living

Southern Living is a very popular website that promotes the South’s best designs and style ideas in the home. It does not only feature home arrangement and how to make it cozy but it also specializes in food too.

  • Whisk warm milk into the flour mixture to ensure a lump-free sauce.
  • It is recommended to shred your cheese first for a creamier texture.

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - The Kitchn

Kitchn focusing on the kitchen, this website shares everything that evolves around the kitchen like recipes, cooking tutorials and cleaning the cooking place. The people making this blog possible have made it all very useful for the readers.

  • Emma Christensen writes that she does not believe in making a roux. The sauce thickens just fine without the clumps if you just whisk a little flour with the milk before adding it to the pan.
  • Put in a little substance for your Mac and Cheese by adding onions, red peppers and sausage cooked with chili powder. This will give the recipe a big kick!

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - NYTimes Cooking

Obviously, a blog dedicated to cooking, they focus on recipes and cooking guides for all occasions.

  • Julia Moskin shared that there are two thoughts about Mac and Cheese, the super creamy and the crusty but always, homemade is the best of it all.
  • Use dry pasta if you do not like precooking.

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - Kitchen Treaty

Kitchen Treaty has made their website a haven of for vegan fans. It does not mean they do not publish recipes for meat lovers because they do too! They promote that peace starts in the kitchen

  • Kare, the writer of this blog insists not to add more pasta while cooking Mac and Cheese since it will dry down the sauce. It will make the result very disappointing!
  • Resist the urge to add more cheese to the sauce. The trick is to sprinkle more in between and on the top.

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman - A website that creates and ambiance of the county side for the readers writes around topics of delicious recipes, friends, fun living and arts and crafts.

  • Ree, suggests that you can actually save by buying macaroni in bulk. It would be cheaper.
  • Undercook the pasta before putting in the oven to give you the result of firm Mac and Cheese.

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - Divas Can Cook

Divas Can Cook - the author of this blog loves to publish recipes and cooking videos. In fact, she already has hundreds of how-to videos that the readers are fond of.

  • Monique, the author if this blog says do not overcook the Mac and Cheese. It may be a tad jiggly when removed from oven but it will firm up as it cools.
  • Feel free to use other cheeses, but the Smoke Cheddar is a must!

Mac and Cheese Pro Tips - Dinner, then Dessert

Sabrina, the author of this blog is a professional chef and she shares her recipes all natural and organic. Mostly it consists of cooking tips that encourage readers to participate. Fun blog!

  • Oven method makes a Mac and Cheese-less creamy but is amazing when it comes to crust.
  • The important thing that makes the recipe creamy is FAT. Using low-fat products will alter the texture.

The Best Mac And Cheese Recipes Each In Its Own Unique Way

It may be because this recipe is already very old, it evolved along time. When I say evolved, it means the simple recipe of mixing pasta with cream and cheese has gone a long, long, way. Currently, there are hundreds of Mac and Cheese recipes that people created to what they like them to be. I wonder what your version is? But first, let us feature how to make the basic Mac and Cheese pasta to perfection. This is essential to make your Mac and Cheese version the best!

Here is a video of how to make the perfect Mac and Cheese pasta!

1. Easy Beer Mac and Cheese

Easy Beer Mac and Cheese Recipe

Via How Sweet It Is

You will be curious to know how this recipe tastes! Macaroni, Cheese, and BEER?

2. BBQ Pulled Macaroni and Cheese

You will be surprised how combining a pulled pork and Mac and Cheese would be a great add to the richness of the yummy taste.

3. Mac and Cheese Muffins

Children will be delighted with this Mac and Cheese cupcakes. No need for plates, just pick it up, run and eat!

4. Fried Bacon Mac and Cheese Balls

You have muffins, and now cheese balls. Your party sure will be flocked with kids. Try these amazing Mac and Cheese balls, easy to eat, could be great as finger foods.

5. Mac and Cheese Pizza

 Mac and Cheese Pizza Recipe

Via The Gunny Sack

If you are a pizza lover and at the same time a fanatic of Mac and Cheese, this is your recipe. Enjoy pizza and Mac and Cheese in just one recipe.

6. Mac and Cheese Patties

Now if you put these patties beside the muffin, cheese balls, and pizza, what a great kiddie party it would be!

7. Mac and Cheese Burgers

The amazing combination of classic Mac and Cheese and burgers, all in one. You can make at home and easy to pack for picnics.

8. Mac and Cheese Pie

Who would think that we can convert a casserole into a pie? This is Mac and Cheese in a slice!

9. Classic Macaroni and Cheese

The original, creamy, tasty and super delicious Mac and Cheese recipe that has evolved for decades.

10. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Who wants to have both Mac and Cheese and seafood in just one serving? This is a delicious Mac and Cheese taste combined with the ever popular lobster to be enjoyed in one spoonful.

11. Hot and Spicy Mac and Cheese

For people who are adventurous at heart and is willing to take a risk, here is a tweak of the classic Mc and cheese that would give you a great kick!

12. Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich

Great for snacks and ready-to-go meals, this Mac and Cheese sandwich recipe is a hearty meal in a lunch box.

13. White Chocolate Mac and Cheese

So now Mac and Cheese can be served as a dessert! Mac and cheese combined with white chocolate chips would surely be a sweet creamy taste!

Selected Healthy Mac And Cheese Recipes

Here are 6 best healthy Mac and Cheese recipes for the health conscious lovers. There is always a way to keep every delicious recipe healthy!

1. Buffalo Chick Pea Mac and Cheese

A vegan recipe, not the usual that you see around but non-traditional recipes are definitely worth every effort.

2. Greek Yogurt Mac and Cheese

An easy meal to make, the yogurt and spinach will give you the probiotics and vitamins that you need.

3. Creamy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

If you are looking for low-calorie Mac and Cheese, you would certainly choose this creamy comfort food.

4. Skinny Baked Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Low-calorie Mac and Cheese recipe but can still afford to sprinkle bread crumbs on top for a delicious taste!

5. Vegan Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese

The ultimate vegan and gluten free Mac and Cheese are healthy to the last bite accompanied with cauliflower and sweet potato.

6. Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese

A mixture of different veggies namely broccoli, peppers, squash, carrots and zucchini is like a fiesta combo Mac and Cheese. You can even replace these veggies with your own favorite choices. Dig in!

We have reached the end of this article that is a complete run down of Mac and Cheese recipe favorites and its origin. You have learned a great deal of its nutrition and the essential ingredients in making it a perfectly creamy and delicious classic taste. This issue should be able to offer you a complete guide on how to start making it yourself.

Good luck for a hearty and sumptuous meal ahead! <3

The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Delicious Mac And Cheese
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