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Can You Freeze Almond Milk? Yes, But Do You Think You Should?
Jun 10

Can You Freeze Almond Milk? Yes, But Should You?

By Rose | Storing Tips

Are you lactose intolerant? Well, almond milk is not only lactose-free, but also nutritious. It is one of the best alternatives to lactose-free milk. Certainly, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you’ll like it.

But what will you do if you have bought too much at a sale? The first thing that comes to mind will be freezing. Can you freeze almond milk? If you’re still a bit hesitant or unsure about the process, let’s find out more about this subject so that we can be certain.

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Can you freeze blue cheese?
Dec 23

Can You Freeze Blue Cheese? Here’s The Best Answer To This Question

By Rose | Storing Tips

Despite having a strong odor, blue cheese is a culinary delight that’s loved by most cheese connoisseurs. If you are a cheese fanatic, you might have had the problem of having too much blue cheese left over or been given a tub as a gift that you want to store.

If so, you will have pondered one of life’s greatest mysteries and asked yourself, can you freeze blue cheese? Well, worry not, because the next part of the article will answer that question.

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