What Is The Sabbath Mode Feature On My Oven?

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Aug 20

Have you ever wonderded what the Sabbath mode is on your oven or other appliances? When you first encounter it, did you know what it did, or why it was called "Sabbath" instead of something else?

In this article, I am going to provide a thorough explanation about this mode and explain how important it is.


What Is The Sabbath Mode And Why Is It Called This?

What Is Sabbath Mode?

Many of us wonder what about this. Does it literally mean the Sabbath, and if so, why?

The Sabbath mode, also known as Shabbat mode, is a feature of modern appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, that allows Jewish people to adhere to their traditional law and observe Sabbath holidays. The religious law of traditional Jews distinguishes between their secular and holy periods of time. Their holy times are the annual holidays and weekly Sabbath.

The Sabbath mode usually overrides the appliance’s normal operation and makes it comply with the rules of Jewish law or Halakha. Why? Because Halakha prohibits Jews from doing certain activities during these holy times, including the making of fire, preparation of food or switching an electric button.

Because we live in a digital age where almost everything is possible, a solution has been made for Jewish people who need to use electrical appliances on Sabbath holidays. That’s why a feature on the oven and some refrigerator are added and it is called Sabbath Mode.

Features Of The Sabbath Mode

The Halakha law states that the preparation of food is restricted on the Sabbath and cooking raw food on that day is not allowed. So Jewish people are not allowed to control the oven or take any action that will cause the oven to display anything. However, they can cook food before the Sabbath that is kept warm until mealtime. The good thing is that the oven can be activated in the Sabbath mode.

  • When the Sabbath mode is activated, the oven can be set to go on immediately or stay on for a period of time. It can also turn off or on after a period of time. If you enter the Sabbath mode, the oven will stay at the temperature that you set it on.
  • When you manually deactivate it at the end of the Sabbath holiday, the oven will display the temperature, time or selected oven function. This mode may be unusual if you are not Jewish, but for this is a good opportunity if you are, as it means warm food can be served on holidays, even though you are restricted in your use of electricity.
  • This mode means the oven is already on before the holidays, so you don’t have to turn it on or off not until the holiday has finished.

There is one thing that you should remember, however. The oven light bulb should be removed before the holidays as it normally turns on when the oven is opened. Or you can set the bulb to be on before you program the Sabbath Mode.


Now, let’s talk about the Sabbath mode in your refrigerators. This will disable the fridge’s light or any other electrical activity while you open the door.

The Sabbath mode can also feature a timer and delayed mechanism as well, so when you open the fridge door, it doesn’t have an immediate effect on the appliance’s electrical operation. This means that Jewish people will be able to use the fridge and still follow their law.

One of the most prominent manufacturers of appliances with the Sabbath mode is GE Appliances, which has formed a partnership with a Jewish kosher organization called Star K. It has designed models that are designed to be used specifically during Sabbath holidays by observant Jews. If you own one of their products, the recognizable Star K logo will show you that it complies with the Jewish law.


There are a lot of religious practices that have to be adhered to because they are traditional and an important part of people’s culture. Isn’t it amazing that the Sabbath mode on appliances has been made to help Jewish people during their holidays and enable them to follow their law?

This new technology is magnificent and I hope that you enjoyed the article and will share it with others. If you ever find yourself dealing with an oven that has this feature on it, at least you will now know how it works and what it does.

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